Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare

Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare.

Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRUTH.



Most people might agree that it’s easier to lie or rather, harder to tell the full truth.


It goes back to the question of why do people lie in the first place?

Because they just want to be plain nice and not hurt the other person.
To avoid further confrontation or start a fight/quarrel.
To get their way.
To make themselves feel better.

The best policy?
It might depend on how you view it.

I know of a few people who truly is unable to lie.
No matter how hard they try to, they are born to tell the truth.
I’m not saying that they lie for the worse.
In some circumstances, all they’re trying to achieve is to fluff the words to not make it so straightforward towards a person.

For example, someone you like or love gives you something you actually don’t fancy one bit.
But, you appreciate the thought, yet, not wanting to say how you actually will never use or really appreciate its presence.
Maybe because the giver was probably a sensitive or emotional person.
Thus, you lie and say it’s nice and whatnot.
It’s what people call a white lie.
But, a lie is still a lie.

Of course, on the other side of the coin.
Who wouldn’t know a handful of people who lie often, especially the ones who do so for the benefit of themselves?
They’ve learned the art of deceiving and covering their tracks.
So much so that even if people know they’re lying, they can’t obtain the proof even if they wanted to.


There is actually something “good” out of lying.
Lying to yourself to make things better.

When the tough gets going, you start telling yourself positive things to improve the situation.
In the midst of feeling utterly sad and angry, you know you’ve got to move on.
Thus, you keep telling yourself that things will get better.
Faking it until you make it.
That smile does not tell the truth, but, it was worth it.
For one, no one else needs to worry and you can work things out one step at a time.

But, that’s probably after you’ve faced the truthful facts.
Especially, if you’re the kind who would go head-on to rectify the problem instead of just letting it go.


Then, there’s people like me.

I get frustrated over people beating around the bush.
I wasn’t so straightforward when I was younger though.
Sometimes, I think I’m pretty harsh in my words.
It’s not meant to be bad.
I just like stating the facts and truth, whether anyone else likes it or not.

*facts are objectively true while the truth is subjectively true*

Somehow, the people around me got used to it and they’d know whether I’m really happy or angry or sad.
I’m pretty horrible at hiding my feelings at times.
Pretty unpredictable, in a way that my theories on a lot of things in life change and evolve as I learn newer “concepts”.
But, at least, they know that when I say it, I meant it.

Sooner or later, you’ll have to face the truth.
If you’ve built too much lies on top of other lies, some day, that tower will topple on you and you’ll get crushed underneath.

I’m not saying that the harsh world doesn’t need nice people.
They need nice people who are firm and strong enough to live on, to be there not only for themselves, but, inspire and help others as well.
Too nice and you’re crushed.
Too awful and you’ll be hated and cursed.


To answer the question.

It is possible to be too honest.
Some people can’t even help it.
While others choose to be so.

Honesty is pretty closely knitted with getting hurt.
So, although to a certain extend, a little detour of the truth can seem alright…
It can also mean that there is a possibility of fracturing a relationship in the future, even if it seems like a small matter at that moment.
The truth will sting, but, it tests the strength of the relationship and the individuals and then heal both in time to come, depending on how they react and what actions/choices they make afterwards.
Ultimately, it’s the choice of the individual.

How do you want to write your own life story?
Reading back your past year books, how much does each side weigh?


❤ Icesabel


14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare

  1. I think once you know the truth you have to take responsibility for it. If it means breaking family or something like that. than so be it.
    And ever truly said the baby was ugly 😀 bad angry faces that could kill I tell you.is what you get in return.
    Lovely post Icesabel. . very provoking. I like it.
    Keep smiling.

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