Maaa Mooo Miii

Don’t bother about the weird title.
I never know what to put in that!

This was supposed to be posted up last year, but, I kept forgetting to do so.
Pretty slow at doing this.


Let’s start with 23rd December!

My lunch was just this.

Woookay… I was just jesting.
I ate a whole meal before having this.
Actually, I’m not able to eat a normal sized bar of chocolate because they give me migraines, but, I was craving for some some that this made the best combo.
Vanilla ice cream (my fave flavour!) with chocolate cake with piping hot chocolate sauce in it.
Gosh… yummy!

Right… I posted a picture of my supposed birthday dress I was going to wear much earlier.
But, I planned to go to the River Safari and the Zoo on the eve of my birthday with my other half instead, so, that I could spend time with my family on my birthday itself.
So, I went shopping for something else.
I’ve mentioned this before.. that I can spend nano on stuff for months, but, I have this need to wear something new on my every birthday… no idea why.

Found these two and couldn’t make a decision, so, I bought both!
Hmmm.. it was at half price for the second piece anyway.

And had a cup of ice tea afterwards.
Yum yum.


Moving on to 24th December!

So, off we went to the River Safari.

Saw some tortoises and turtles.


I was in love with the red pandas.
So cute!

Another lazy panda.

Cute lil monkeys.

Dang… that eel.

This huge aquarium was filled with different species of marine life including the manatee.

Cute otter alert!

My Hongki and me

Who’s Hongki?
One of my fave guy music artiste, the lead vocalist of F.T. Island!
Oh yeah.. beside him is Mina!!! ❤
Hur hur hur.. if I’m a guy, I’d marry her.
Just saying~

Next stop… the Zoo!

My fave animal!!!!!!!!!!
Whenever I daydream of a pet, this would be that one and only pet I’d ever want to own!
Well, I’d probably take care of a cub that’ll grow old with me and well, I’d have to live somewhere with a huge plot of land though.
Haha… one can only dream nonsensically.

The Jeep Man

Climbing up the rocky steps.
They’re sturdy though.

A monitor lizard, up close and personal.


Doubt what I was cooking was anywhere near to edible.

The long neckssss… giraffes.

Wandering around O.o


Shucks.. no… I’m referring to those in the background. =X

Me… a… sleeeeepy tiger.

Us… again.
But, without the weird faces.

Told him not to buy for me anything, but, I’d love it if he could just spend a day with me and just make me happy.
Because he enjoys pissing me off. >_>

I wasn’t expecting him to buy anything.
No.. seriously!
I mean… we’re already tight on budget for our wedding, which is in 7 months.
Yet, he still bought for me a pretty expensive pair of earphones and a Crumpler bag!
LOVED them though!


Today… 2nd January 2014

Took a selfie just now.. gonna place it at the side of my blog.
I don’t normally post my selfies.
Hmmm… well, my fb is filled with everything but my face.
But, just thought that a 2014 picture would be more appropriate than a 2013 one in my blog. XD

Went back to work today.

Nothing special to update.
Time for an early rest.
Hmmm… tomorrow’s a Friday though.



❤ Icesabel


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