Didn’t know that 2 days of not blogging made me feel like something was missing.

I’ve actually been on a non-stop gaming escapade in Aura Kingdom, a new MMORPG under Aeria Games.
Only found out about the game Saturday afternoon and the Closed Beta actually ends 6 hours from now.
Got myself a key, had trouble redeeming the key for a couple of hours and pretty much started playing in the evening.
Although, I did go out the half of the day of yesterday before continuing again.

I’ve got 2 chars, the first was a Duelist / Gunslinger and the second was a Bard / Wizard.
Most of the skills are from the primary class, so, I was pretty much an assassin on the first one and a healer on the second.

It’s still in Beta phase, so, there are still a lot of bugs and unbalanced classes/game issues.
But, in short, this is a really easy game to play.
So easy that someone who has never played a game can play it.
Yes.. really!

It only takes about 8 hours to get to 40.
Not sure what the max level is, but, I’ve seen the level 55 skills.
In this CB, the map “ends” at level 40, but, people have been doing dungeons, daily and afk (yes! afk and still level >_>) to reach 50.
The final dungeon is for the level 50s.
The CB has been going on since the 23rd anyway, so, there are a few level 50 players around.

Everyone has an Eidolon (something like a pokemon), which, in my opinion is too OP, therefore, people can easily afk in an aggro spot and allow their pokemon to defend them.
They can level by feeding them, change skills, evolve and you can keep a long list of them (different kinds), but, only use one at a time.

When I’ve finally decided to go heal, although, it was way more interesting than being dps, I met the kind of people who reminded me to why I quit being a healer a long time ago.

You get to play as your primary class for the first 40 levels.
After a class change quest (astonishingly… really straight forward and simple!), you get to choose your secondary class.
Some classes seem to have special combos.
Such as a Duelist+Gunslinger combo, which gives pretty sweet skills.
While, for example, a Duelist+Guardian doesn’t have any combos at all.

NO grinding is needed for this game.
5 to 6 mobs per quest… tops.
Well, it might take twice the amount if you’re doing the collection from mob quest.
But, nothing that will bore and piss you off.

The quests are nicely synchronised to your level, so, no matter what the rate you’re at, the quests should be 1-2 levels around you.
There are a handful of cool story-lines.

One that made me a teeny tiny sad.

The old guy wanted to see the old remains of a beautiful cave.
Initially, my girl asked if he was the one who posted a “help wanted” on the bulletin.
Being absent-minded and didn’t know it was him who placed that up, at the very end, we found his own dead body.
He was a ghost all along!
Yet, he was still happy and thankful for being able to do what he wanted to before his soul could go at ease.

Controlled a robot to fight 4 bosses!

This one was initially confusing, but, after getting the hang of it, it was a breeze afterwards.
Defend up when you see the opponent bot about to throw a skill and break his barrier and hit him hard when he’s stunned.

Cooked food!
A lot!
These are part of the “achievements”.

Anyone up for a roasted turkey?
XD Yummy!

Trick or.. well.. double trick!

Why so serious??!
Turning people into pumpkins (although, Halloween is well over months ago) and getting xp and items for that.

Controlling a huge army!

Bwahahahaha.. okay.. maybe not.

Getting lost in beautiful lands.

Lots and lots of pretty places to be at.

And… getting treasure!

Disguise as someone else and do some quests.

A few of them are of these kind.
All you’re needed to do was to avoid detection of the mobs as you move from one area to another, depending on what you’re aiming to achieve.

Become a pirate in disguise and watch them talk… Brooooooomance!!!

The boss was saying that they had everything.. gold, alcohol and men.
One guy asked isn’t it women?
He replied with a no and said they needed more men instead.
The rest agreed and started …errr… hmmm.. hehe.

Hide and trick some Dobbie-lookalike (from Harry Potter).. okay.. not sure what they’re called.


Errrr.. go swimming with my robot??? O.o

Actually, I think this should be marked as a bug in terms of common sense.

Of course, for the pvp lovers, you have the battlefield.

Collect points to get your epic set.

And the bosses.. well, I think they can be kept as Eidolons.

Giving a critique does not come as my second nature, so, don’t expect me to nitpick on too many bad points.
Well, unless they’re really prominent.

Overall, something nice to waste your time on.
But, I have a feeling, the end game will weigh heavily upon pvp.
“Ends” too quickly and is too easy a game.

On my assassin, I’d only need 2 skills and in 3 hits, the mob is dead.
So, what are the other skills for? O.o

Except for dungeon boss fights, the normal mobs are 10 times easier in comparison.
Poke.. die.. poke.. die.

If I can kill a mob on my healer (with no damage being placed on her physical and armor stats) just a second slower than my assassin, there’s pretty much something wrong there.
It’s because of the OP Eidolon, I don’t even need to fight.
Just level my pokemon and it would do the fighting for me.

Still, there’s room to make the different builds though.

I can even KS all types of classes on my healer (with no damage points!)… trollololol.
I have a tendency to use a technique in leveling when on a long-ranged-based character.
It’s simple.
Watch the spawning points around you.
Stand in the middle of the most spawning points.
Pew pew from that spot, whilst pressing tab.
People will think you’re a bot though.
If you want to piss them off further and go faster, keep left-clicking your mouse and tab, swirl around and keep stealing everything away.
Most games are based on first hits.
This one is based on “as long as you hit” though, so you’d still get that point for a quest.
No idea why the other long-ranged players seem to run near to the mob every time they see one. ;…;


Yet, perfect for me for the past 2 days because I was looking for something that was relaxing anyway.
If I have some “un-lazy” time, I’d start writing something up on this game.
Not now… I want to head over and roll on bed… zzzzz.
/feeling lazy


❤ Icesabel


10 thoughts on “Aura

  1. Oh this looks fun. Great write up. I like that grinding isn’t so bad and it is easy to get into. I know what you mean about healing. As a healer in SWTOR my guild and I came up with a saying. If the healer wipes, it is the tanks fault. If the tank wipes it is the healers fault. If the group wipes it is the DPS fault. 😆

    • 😀 Thanks.

      Well, it’s usually because I’m the first to get killed because they decide to do something funny even though it gets so obvious that I’m being ganked by a huge group of mobs. /sigh

      If not that, they separate into 2 groups and think that I can clone myself to be at 2 places at once to heal both sides. Grrrrr~

      Even when I tell them what not to do.. no one listens. If not for the fixed amount of times I can do a dungeon daily, I’d ragequit those parties. >_<

      But, your conclusion is true. ^_^

  2. This doesn’t look like my type of game. I don’t like anime and the game looks like one. Glad to see you’re having so much fun with it though. There was a mmo that came out years ago called Zu Online. I reached level 50 in three days gaming on that and I even owned my own guild. Sadly the servers are down :[.

    • Yup! I loved playing Rose Online years back. Right now, it’s on stress-test mode and then, a wipe. Heard that it would take a week before they move on to OBT. No confirmation on that though. But, their marketing strategy is aligned with most games nowadays, which is Free-to-Play cash-shop/item-mall based.


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