Left 4 Dead 2 is FREE on Steam until 26th Dec

The game will be free until 10AM PST 26/12/2013.


9 thoughts on “Left 4 Dead 2 is FREE on Steam until 26th Dec

    • There isn’t much that is positive that I can say about this game and I would not recommend it to anyone other than someone interested in merely shooting things with others. This is because the game is chock full of mechanical problems that, on harder difficulties, make the game needlessly frustrating instead of challenging. The three biggest issues are the (1) Director AI not being able to handle skilled, methodical play (you will be swarmed regularly and given more disabling SIs like the Charger, Jockey and Hunter), (2) hit-boxes are only loosely connected with the visual representation of things on-screen, e.g. you are much more likely to miss a Jockey even when leading it and (3) the direction any given player or enemy is facing will almost always be inaccurate, e.g. the Charger appears to punch behind itself when, ‘under the hood’ it’s actually turned to face the thing it’s now punching.

      In the realm of conceptual problems there is how ‘Realism’ presents itself. The single-shot rifles and magnum can one-shot CIs in every difficulty, however only the magnum can one-shot a CI in ‘Realism’. Attached to this is how weak shotguns are in comparison to the other weapons, even at point-blank range.

      There are a plethora of examples of the mechanical and conceptual problems with Left 4 Dead 2 but it would look like I was piling on if I went into real detail. Unfortunately, the people I played with were far more interested in playing Left 4 Dead 2 than Left 4 Dead and my time spent in that game was quite sizeable. And to be fair, I played through hundreds of hours without any mods, everything was ‘vanilla’ and these problems were there plain as day.

      But with all of that said, when Left 4 Dead 2 actually works (a minimal amount of issues in a game) it’s a really thrilling experience. One of the best memories I have is someone asking my girlfriend and I just how we managed to do what we do in that game. For example, during Dark Carnival (map 2), just into the Kiddie Land section, a Witch was sitting near one of the rides. My girlfriend wanted to take it out, so she crept over to it and took aim. Just as the Witch began to make noise a Smoker spawned in and immediately grabbed her from the covered section above the ice machine. I spun, put a few shots into it to free my girlfriend and without missing a beat she turned and killed the Witch before it enraged.

      There were many times that we were able to do really neat things like that and the feeling of protecting each other in that sort of situation was just fantastic…but that was when it worked.

    • Sorry you guys didn’t like it.

      It was endless fun with my friends though. I used “was” because it was a pretty old game and most of us stopped playing it after a year or two.

      All I remember was it was great fun on skype or teamspeak, shouting about from spot to spot. It was about teamplay and we would always notice a leader in the group, although always with random group of friends, so, that someone could make out a messy turn of events to make it through. The again, during the earlier days, there were l4d2 competitions and we joined in. It changed from casual into competitive playing and no matter how ready and “trained” as a team or by yourself on your own skills, there are always other ways people can counter your tactics. Surely, never a dull moment.

      Playing alone in this game will make you frustrated and you’ll start seeing the problems more prominently. Playing with random public is a toss of a coin. Sometimes, it’s really great, wishing you could play with them longer and more and sometimes, all you want to do is just get out of there and leave them and their antics alone. It’s meant to be a team-based game even if a so-called ffa is in place. You’ll find the element of saving each other as a big survival asset, even how “buggy” and frustrating it might seem to be, getting to pull through every scene is a real achievement. Each “error” is actually fun. Seeing the tank get stuck at the most stupidest places made us all laugh like maniacs and poking fun at each other. Getting bugged out made sure that your tagged-team-mate should’ve been there to look out over your back.

      Essentially, it depends on what you like about a game, what you expect out of it and the experience you get at the very end. Not everyone likes the same kind of stuff anyway. ^_^

      • I think in terms of gameplay Dead Island owns Left For Dead 2 and the skill progression is neat too. If my wife will play Left For Dead with me then i’ll give it another shot if not then i’ll keep playing Dead Island Riptide with her instead :]

      • “Each “error” is actually fun.”

        I disagree with this on a lot of levels. The most essential is that Left 4 Dead 2 is a broken product and we don’t find this to be acceptable anywhere else save when it comes to software, having a broken product when it comes to a car engine, dress or food wouldn’t be seen as acceptable. We could say much the same if we replace ‘broken’ with ‘buggy’ and come to the same conclusion. I won’t take this point further or delve deeper into it.

        When it came to Left 4 Dead 2 (and Left 4 Dead) I really enjoyed Campaign and had a strong dislike for Versus modes. The main reason for this is that it encouraged zerg-play with people simply dashing through the levels in an effort to get to the safe room. This mean engaging the enemy wasn’t a good idea unless absolutely necessary because it slowed you down, something that flies in the face of the game’s narrative. When Versus players joined a Campaign game you could tell and not in a good way -they brought their ‘zomg why are you shooting just run trollolololooooool’ mindset to the games. It didn’t help that the difficulty of CIs/SIs on Versus is Normal and people used to this do unsurprisingly stupid things in an Expert or even Advanced Campaign run. For example, running the coaster in Dark Carnival is a whole different beast from Normal to Expert.

        Versus could be seen as a modification of the game and, I can agree with that sort of notion, however Versus and the Mutations took over what Left 4 Dead 2 was about. I found fewer and fewer competent Campaign players and fewer and fewer people with a team-first mindset.

      • Well, yeah, if you’re playing with strangers. It’s pretty different when you’re with gaming friends. Ok maybe my big group of gaming friends are fun to be with even when playing in other games 😀 Depends on what your group want to achieve. Like I’ve said, if you don’t get what you want out of the game, you won’t like it even if others do. Not everyone agrees on the same thing.

  1. L4D2 is actually a Casual Zombie Shooter if u just want to play with 3 other mates killing zombies to waste some time and have some fun but if u want a challenge then u can play Killing Floor since it requires more co-operation and survival. You can not just charge alone thinking to kill them all and the feeling u get when u survive the last wave before the patriach while your whole team is dead is priceless…
    I played L4D2 before but I prefer KF if u have 3 more friends who can play abit seriously..

    TL;DR L4D2 for a Casual Blowin’ Zombie Heads and KF for a Survival Co-op Game


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