It’s a Special Day! Yay!

Well, I don’t have all the photos from yesterday.
Spent the whole day with my other half at the River Safari and the Zoo.
‘Cause I wanted to see all the animals!!! (#^.^#)

I’ve reached my 3-0 today (25th Dec)!
Hummm.. I don’t really care about the number though.
Embarrassed.. yeah.
Only because I still think there’s more to do in such a short time.
Not exactly where I want to be career-wise (nearly, but, not there yet).

Other than that, since strangers still think I’m in my early 20s.. >_< everything else doesn’t matter. lol

My wedding is in the 3rd quarter of next year with my bestfriend, lover, gaming partner, irritating n00bcake who loves to piss me off (but I wouldn’t have it any other way) whom I’ve known for more than a decade.
His families who are so awesome.
Yes, I’m close to his parents, step-parents and step-siblings and ALL of them are great. (no mother-in-law from hell that I’ve heard about)!
We’ve bought our bto house (building in progress) last year, which should be ready in 3 years.
My mum who hates my other half (had actually forbade my wedding earlier) has given her blessings. I can’t believe it. That was all I needed from her. Her approval. ❤
My awesome family!
We’re going to have a family dinner later. ❤ ❤ ❤

Now, all I need is to be given the opportunity to be where I want to be, career-wise.
Not nearly there.
Need time to sort it out.


Reflecting on 2013…

This year has truly been a sea of waves.
The downs were really filled with trials and tribulations.
But, time told me more than I needed to hear.

Losing the people I love (loss of a life)
fights and quarrels with friends, colleagues, distant families and my mum
having awesome bosses and colleagues leaving
people trying to break my relationship with my other half
money issues
my other half having problems of his own which is something I carry as well as it hasn’t exactly been the best year of his life at all
and probably many more.

But, God gave me more than I needed to have afterwards.
Alhamdullilah *Praise to God*.


True, I’ve learned more than the years before.

That is why even though I do not celebrate Christmas… well, even on an ordinary day, I will still spread the cheer.
So, if you’re wondering why I do the things that I do, it’s because if I know that I can give, I would.
Even if I don’t have much.

I’ve been there…
Throughout my life, I know how it is…
to have to subject to help to continue my studies and in my eyes I see my elders leave their ego out the door
to see my family fight and nearly breaking up many times because of shortage of time, love, money, etc
to not have what I want but to appreciate what I have and only need
to work for it.. always working and fighting for what I want… even if it means to break some of the rules
to be controlled
to lose control
to see others suffer the same fate or much more worse and break my heart

In gaming terms,
to not being able to play the games I wanted to
to see others have awesome gaming rigs and feel my heart skip more than a beat when I see mine
(didn’t have the money when I was young)
but, always thankful to have something 🙂

I don’t care what others think… as long as..
Hopefully, it’ll lighten your load even if it’s only for awhile. ❤

If it’s worth it, it’s forever worth it.


Those who’ve asked me why I’m giving out free games, hope that answers your curiosity.
Reason being why I was trying to “squeeze” in as many winners as possible. >_<

Happy Holidays and a good 2014 to come!


One thing I would hope from everyone else.
If someone has done something nice for you, please bring it forward.
Meaning, when you’re more well to do in the future or even, if you can spend a little time for someone else (some just need a listening ear), do so.
It will mean the world to that other person!
❤ ❤ ❤


❤ Icesabel


6 thoughts on “It’s a Special Day! Yay!

  1. “Strangers still think I’m in my early 20s.. >_<"

    Yup.. You look nowhere in your 30's lol… Anyways Happy Birthday and Early congrats on your wedding.. Hope you have a good 2014


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