I want….. Tyrael and Illidan for my birthday!!!!

Okay.. forget it.. my birthday is in 3 days time.
Even if anyone’s going to gift it to me…. o(╥﹏╥)o

Story of Malthael and Tyrael
What is “Antyrael” in my name?



Come to think of it…
My love all these years is just for naught. p(´⌒`。q)

I’ve been playing the first Diablo and Warcraft (RTS) in the 90s..
Fell in love with the 2 legendary guys who I’ve been calling my bfs for years.. Tyrael and Illidan (they’re so awesome <3)…
Then WOW (for a short time, that world was prettier Bliz’s other games)..
Read their books and lores and.. *sniff* *sniff*..
Blizzard still doesn’t want to give me the beta access to play RoS.
No.. I don’t want a Hearthstone (I don’t like card games) or Heroes of the Storm (I don’t like moba games) access.

You guys are just cruel.
Maybe I shouldn’t be ordering my RoS collector’s edition. 😥

Now, I’m wondering why I’m being so emo.
(I’m just joking around)
Of course, getting beta access isn’t based on that.



Putting my “bitterness” aside.. there’s a personal story behind it all.

Throughout the years, there have always been different games that suit my different moods.
You could say that I’m a calm storm on the surface, but, on a rampage on the inside.
Each of them have a history with me and not once would I ever say that one was something I’d ever regret spending my time and energy (and even loss) on.
My reason for gaming is more of on a psychological trip than for those “normal people” who game.

I was about 14 when my older bro bought Diablo.
He then went for his National Service and was away in camp for days and months during that time.
So, I had the computer all to myself, but, I had a lot of games to play back then.
My faves were definitely the Age of Empires series, Command & Conquer series, Half-Life and the Warcraft series during those years.
But, I wasn’t crazy about D until a year later.
While waiting for my O level results, there was a 6 months interval of holidays and I was forbidden to work (by my strict mum).
So, other than going out with my bestie and our friends and like any other girl, breaking my heart a lot of times on guy issues.
I began indulging in Hellfire and then D2.

That was the first time, I had a gaming addiction.
Although, I do get scoldings for waking up late in the afternoon, I was free to do what I wanted.
So, I forgot to eat until my tummy rumbled.
I don’t take energy drinks anyway, I’d only drink plain water.
I didn’t shower unless I needed to go out.
Slept late and woke up late.
(It wasn’t until I was in my 20s when I would skip sleeping for gaming)
But, I didn’t have a bf at that time, so, there wasn’t anyone or any reason for me to stop what I was doing.
My bestie.. well, we still went out as usual and we don’t talk about gaming, so she knew nothing about my addiction and thought I was normal.
Sure, I looked normal.
Nope.. none of my exs ever knew I was a gaming addict, except those who were gamers themselves.
I changed for the non-gamers and it frustrated me in a short span of time, causing me to finally realise not to bother what people think of what I love to do.
Then, I met an ex, with his friends, who would play D2 and WC3 with me.
Except that the naive me didn’t find out until later that he was using those as a source of a distraction so that he could go scot-free to do “other things”.
Actually, none of my irl friends knew I was a gaming addict either.

It’s only because I’m a deep thinker and an observer that I knew what people expect of others.
But, I never said I’d ever want to fit in anyone’s or societies’ groups of norm.
I like being different.
I just don’t like to trouble of messing up the normality of a timeline of others whenever possible.

I’ve learned over the years that I have phases in whatever I do in life.
Thus, I can get into my gaming addiction at any sudden point in time.
But, the difference does lie in the fact that I can control when I want to stop.
With age, certain responsibilities and priorities come into consideration.

Sometimes, it feels like life has not moved an inch since more than a decade back (in the gaming world).
That even as I move along and changed physically and mentally, that world shifted so little that I didn’t notice it.
I wasn’t referring to the technological, game-play or marketing strategy changes.
I was referring to the essence of a game.
Like reading a book which has a continuation of a cliff-hanger that comes eons later.
It’s different, yet, the same.



Yes, I would still love to own the Tyrael and Illidan toys.
Please give me one!


❤ Icesabel


2 thoughts on “I want….. Tyrael and Illidan for my birthday!!!!

  1. *chuckles* I can relate to what u mentioned about irl friends not knowing your gaming addiction. While I never bothered to hide that I play video games, most people don’t know how much time I actually spend playing. To them, I’m this “sporty person” who does outdoor activities… and they generally don’t believe it when I tell them I actually spend most of my time on the PC (and recently the 3DS). If only they knew the ratio of my time spent outdoors : time spent gaming is something like… 1:10… hahaha :Þ


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