Close to you

Was just randomly pressing one song to the next (from the side bar where they have random “similar” kind of genre) in the music section and heard this.
I understand nothing of French, but, oh gosh… this was so nice that I had to post it before I forget I ever heard this.
If only she has a pure strong love kind of song.
Her songs seem to be of the broken hearted sort, but, most are nice.

Well, yeah.. one might not understand what singers are singing when you don’t understand a language (until a translation is found), but, one can be enticed by a beautiful melody.
The beauty of music.

Je veux t’oublier
Reprends tes rêves et disparais
Car je veux l’aimer comme toi

Such a beautiful and tragic song.


Another one ❤
Sweet, soft, lovely, light, smooth to perfection.


❤ Icesabel



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