Daily Prompt: Out of Your Reach

Daily Prompt: Out of Your Reach.

I know this is supposed to end as “never received”, but, I did receive it in the end.



Placing my beloved backpack on the floor, I took out my books and pencil case and did my homework right after I went to my room.
Without changing out from my school uniform, I looked at it lovingly and smiled.

I’ve been carrying around a tattered old bag to school.
I wouldn’t say that I was poor, but, I wouldn’t say that I could easily get pampered by my elders.
Neither did I complain nor am ever ashamed of what I have or own.
You could say that I was contented.
Whenever there was a tear, I would mend it myself, that it looked pretty horrendous.
Should’ve asked my grandma to patch it up for me, but, I guess I’d prefer doing things by myself.

Yet, when it finally came for the day when I started to yearn for something new as I passed by the bags store.
So, I would purposely choose that path to get home from school, just to see and well, daydream.
What else could I do?

2 weeks before I reached my 10th birthday, my dad brought me out with my younger brother.. or was it my older brother?
I can barely recall that portion.
We passed by that very store and I stopped and looked longingly around.
It was then that I heard those words of “which one do you like?”
I slowly peered from one corner to another, taking my time to browse through.
There it was, that perfectly sized purple backpack with black handles.
I could hear beautiful music playing in the background.. haha.
Pointing to that one hanging at the top of the ceiling, the shopkeeper used a long pole to bring it down.
Showing my dad this was THE ONE.
He just smiled and said, “ok, let’s go, we’ve got to get going.”

My heart dropped to the floor.
I thought he wanted to buy it for me, but, left the place with him.
I forgot all about it, until the day when I went back to school and decided not to go pass the bag store any more.

2 weeks passed by and on the day of 24th December, my dad gave me a wrapped present and said I’m not allowed to open it until midnight.
It was a humid and hot night.
The house was quiet and I was perspiring on my bed, even with the fan blowing towards me.
I kept staring at the clock while I placed my present beside me.
Part of me felt like it was the bag I wanted, but, I didn’t want to put my hopes up too high.
So, I rolled around in my wet pyjamas, feeling so icky and excited at the same time.

When the clock finally struck 12, without a second to waste, I tore the wrapping paper off and my heart skipped a beat.
I softly said to myself “happy birthday to me” as I felt the exhilarating adrenaline rush through my veins.
The humidity of the room meant nothing to me as I wiped the perspire off my big forehead.

Yes, it was the purple backpack I’ve wanted.

There I was, staring at backpack unknowingly, shook my head and continued to do my homework in my school uniform sprawled on the floor.


Yes.. this is a real re-enactment.
It was my habit to do my homework right after I reach home, without having my dinner or washing up first.
I loved the bag a whole lot, treasured it and just like the older one, would sew it up should it tear… haha.. that’s just me.
Oh yeah, I’m horrible at sewing.
I still do the same until now.
If I love something a lot, I’d use it until it can’t be used any more. ^_^


❤ Icesabel



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