GIVEAWAY: Any game(s) that you choose

How are ALL the gamers doing?
It’s been so long since I did a giveaway, so, *drum rolls*… here’s comes one!

Alright, here are the rules.

  1. You are FREE to choose one or even more games from Steam OR Blizzard OR SQUARE ENIX OR any other games, as long as they TOTAL up to USD50.00.
  2. Please make sure that wherever you choose your prize to come from, it should be easy for me to gift it to you. Do check it out before choosing, thanks!
  3. To be fair, the price will only be based on the dates that I’ve chosen (this will only apply to Steam games). If there’s a sale at the time you left the comment, but, it went back to its original price on the day I chose your comment, then, I’ll ask you again on which ones you’d rather prefer from the list that you’ve given. If the price drops on those dates, you’re allowed to choose a couple more until you’ve reached the price mark.
  4. BUT, I’ll make an exception on the chance to win a USD59.99 game such as Arma 3, Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag™,  BioShock Infinite, Call of Duty®: Ghosts, Wasteland 2 and many more (this price will only apply to one Steam game).
  5. All you’ll need to do is write something about why you would love to own that/those game(s).
  6. Remember that comments that has nothing to do with gaming will not be accepted. Feel free to geek/gamer talk.
  7. The best answer would be based on which seems to be the most interesting, intriguing or even something that seems so genuine that I know you’ve been eyeing it for a looooooooong time…. blah… in short, anything that’s really awesome! ❤
  8. Upon saying that, it’s pretty obvious that a one liner like “’cause I like it” won’t do justice. >_<
  9. One entry per person. Do leave your email (one that you will, at the very least, check during the results week, because, based on previous giveaways, some people take more than a week before replying me!) when you create the comment so that I am able to contact you (It’s advisable not to display it in the comment itself).
  10. You can start dropping a comment from today onwards.
  11. I will choose one winner on the 23rd, 25th and 27th.
  12. I’ll be giving a consolation game to one person on the 22nd25th and 28th of December each and two people on the 24th and 28th of December
  13. Please take note that I’ll be following my time zone, which is GMT+8. Meaning that, if you’re living at the other side of the world, the email might reach you on the 22nd.. etc.
  14. Which also means that the last entry that will still be accepted would be on the night of the 26th (my time zone), since I’ll be choosing the last one on the 27th.
  15. If you do not reply to me in 2 days (for example, if I’ve sent you an email for the 23rd Dec’s, you would have to reply to me by the 25th), your prize will be forfeited and I’ll choose another winner to replace you, so, that I’m able to give away the last one before the end of the year!

All the best!!!

WINNERS Results Link


❤ Icesabel


58 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Any game(s) that you choose

  1. I’ve been playing the free trial of Diablo III for about a week now because I can’t get the full game yet. I’m actually very invested in the game as of right now and would love to own it one day. I pretty much own every game that I’ve wanted that’s come out this year. Anyways, you’re awesome for doing something like this :]

  2. Starbound, Gentlemen!, Zombie Tycoon II, Darkout

    1) it’s four games for $50, that’s a lot of bang for the buck (unless my math is off)
    2) they’re all indie so we’d be supporting the underdogz
    3) Gentlemen! has local coop! help me help them know that that is the shit!
    4) Starbound and Darkout are procedurally generated! zombie tycoon ii is a tycoon game. between these four games i won’t need to buy another game for months… coincidentally…
    5) i’m graduating this month, which marks the beginning of the (hopefully not long, fingers crossed) job search process. between finding some new digs, settling into a new town, and so on i probably won’t have the cash for games for a while. this means i’ll have something to play for a few months! even though i can’t afford an internet connection, but they’re mostlly offline anyway! yayyyyy!
    6) you are adorable? melllt…. melllllllllllttttttttt… MELLLLTTTTT

    anyway pre-congrats to the winner, belly rubs for all other participants. huge thanks to Icesabel for holding the giveaway. you rawk.

    • Haha.. thanks for taking the time for drop by and giving this a try.
      Oh no, you didn’t!!! No praising.. that’s just unfair and I’m not accustomed to praises, so, it won’t work.. haha =X *relax*
      No worries though, I understand where you’re coming from.
      I was pretty dependant on my older bro to buy games for me during my schooling days.. ahh.. those were the days. 😛
      Good luck to you as well! ^_^

  3. For the past few years SANTA didn’t give me any presents. Can you be my SANTA for this year and give me a copy of COD Ghosts.
    I love use a K9 to kill bad guys.

  4. Arma III! A recent group of friends that I made all play it religiously, and have urged me to get it an innumerable amount of times. However, it is $60 and as a high school senior I’m trying to cram in college apps and survive school at the same time so I am unable to work currently and thus buy the game! They also rave about Battlefield 4 but since it is not Steam, I’m going with Arma III. FPS games are some of my favorites, with countless hours sunk into Battlefield 3 on Origin. I’ve desperately been waiting on it to go on sale but sadly it never has… I’d love to bond with these new guys I got close with over this awesome game, because that’s how all of the best bonds are formed of course. I do frequently Skype with them when they play, but it’s not the same just listening to them laugh and joke about occurrences in game. Thanks so much for this chance, and it’d make my world if I won.

  5. 3 sets I would go with

    1. COD Ghosts
    2. Saints Row 4
    3. Dont Starve, Final Fantasy VIII and XCOM : Enemy Within

    These games are in order of preference. Now for why I want these games. I’ve never had the opportunity of playing these games because f monetary concerns, and I’ve only ever played 3 games in my life. It would mean the absolute world to me if I won, simply because I’ve always been on YouTube, watching walkthrough a of the games that come out month after month because I couldn’t afford to try them out myself. Everytime a new game comes out, all the gamers talk about how great the game is, but all I can say is ‘Its another game I’m never going to play.’ When I was a kid, I never received the chance to marvel over a new game or toy at Christmas, simply because my family couldn’t afford them.

    Off with the sob story, I’m going to talk about why I would like those games.

    SR4 : Ive watched a walkthrough on this, and the thing about an alien invasion really stood out to me. The gameplay was great, with all the powers in a virtual world and all that.

    COD Ghosts : Ive also seen a walkthrough of this game, and the usage of a K9 mechanic was genius in my opinion. The graphics were good, it was great all the way around.

    Don’t Starve : Absolutely loved this game because its very reminiscent of MineCraft, a game I like a lot.

    FFVIII : Ive never seen walkthrough s of this game, but I’ve heard many reviews of it, and it seems fantastic.

    XCOM : I’ll be completely honest, I know nothing about this game. Heard reviews of it, seems like the type of game I would like, so I included it in here.

    It would mean the world to me if I won, because I’ve never been a lucky person, and I wish that would change, and I’m still waiting on it.

    I access my mailbox multiple times daily, so no fear of me not responding.

    Thanks for the contest, and Happy Holidays! 🙂

    • Hmmm.. I see.. what are the specs of your machine? (don’t need to answer though) The graphics might not be as awesome if its at minimum, but, then again, it’s the gameplay that’s suppose to serve its purpose. That’s quite a big array of different games. You’d better make sure you’ve made up your mind before then. Whether you win or lose, I hope you’d work hard for your future (based on your life story)! Gambatte! Good luck on this as well!

      Oh yeah.. are you sure you want your email out in the open? I can edit it out for you. I won’t spam you, but, considering the current generation of search function, it might get spammed publicly.

  6. First off, this is really kind of you to do this giveaway! Thanks!

    The game I want is Far Cry 3. I’m currently on a laptop that can’t run very many games, but I have plans to build a PC this Christmas! I’ve been saving up for a while, and don’t have a lot of money, but the rig is going to be pretty good in my opinion. I would love to start the new computer with a game that could push it to the limit of its ability, and see the difference between my current laptop and the new PC. Also, if this game happens to be on a Steam sale at the time, I would love The Stanley Parable. I’ve heard great reviews of it and also heard that it’s a game with infinite replayability.

    Fingers crossed, and thanks again!

    • FC3? Cool. Hmmm.. somehow, FC3 is only USD29.99, so if you don’t want the DLC (9.99), you can still add TSP (14.99). I love TSP, just plain weird and annoying, but, fun.

      Oh yeah, I’ll remove your email from public view.
      Good luck!! 🙂

  7. I would really love counter complete, a collection of games, (Steam Game) as it’s amazing graphics and beautiful gameplay has intrigued me since it came out, I am a huge counter strike fan who loves all shooters and this is all I ask, if not could I atleast get counter strike global offensive. I live in a very poor family and only have one paid game and thats a DS game.I hope I get a fair chance and I thank for giving this chance, you seem like a kind person 🙂 . Message me on facebook or reply to this if I win. Thank you so much. I posted this again because I accidentally replied instead of adding a comment.

  8. Oh icesabel oh icesabel
    How great you are this Christmas

    I’m looking for some games to play
    Cause little money I have to pay

    Oh icesabel oh icesabel
    Some Civ V brand new world I’d love to play

    Ok that last line didn’t work, but in all seriousness this is awesome and you are awesome. I am really missing out on civ but just don’t have the funds.

    My email is

  9. I would like Rust and LEGO Marvel Superheroes. They’re 2 games that can be found on Steam for about $49.98! Rust is about co-op/competitive survival in the wilderness which really intrigues me because I love the tense moments of not knowing how I’m going to survive and they really make me think. It’s almost as if it’s a simulation of what I would do in this type of situation. Although, let’s be honest, I would run around like a scared little girl if it was actually real life. Also, it’s made by a really small indie developer that also made Garry’s Mod. He’s really great with his fans and consumers because he is open to suggestions and really enjoys watching fans essentially create their own experiences with the game he’s given to them. This title is also in alpha so I’ll be able to contribute in the creation and development of the game. I really enjoy doing things like that because when I see the finished product, I fell as if I did my part towards letting other have a fantastic game experience. Those experiences are essentially what gaming is about. Most people think that being the best and having the highest stats is what gaming is about, but I honestly think it’s what a person feels while they play the game. If I have even the slightest chance of making a gamer feel a more enjoyable experience, even for a second, then I know that the slightly less appealing experience of having to test the game was well worth it. This developer, with the help of its fans, has a chance of really providing a great experience and I would love to be a

    • Sorry…. It cut off.

      As I was saying…..

      I would love to be a part of it.

      Now, onto LEGO Marvel Superheroes. We all have those childhood memories that some of is deeply want to experience again, but we can’t do it exactly. LEGOs were a large reason why I have the creative mind that I have today. Superheroes were always a big part of my childhood too. I would always love be helpful whenever I could because of them. The fact that they decided to combine these teo things is just incredible. I would love this game so that I could get a good laugh from it because we all know about those childish, but inexplicably funny jokes that LEGO game have. This game was essentially made for me. Or maybe I was made for it?
      Anyways, I would love to have these two games even though they are essentially exact opposites of each other. We all need a little mix of genres, right? Actually, now that I realize it, they are EXACT opposites. One takes place in a city; the other is in the wilderness. One is about powerful superheroes; the other is about a person who is left to survive in the wild. Weird…

      Thanks for this chance even if I don’t win! I always love the mystery of not knowing who’s going to win anyways!

  10. I would really love Final Fantasy VIII and XCOM: Enemy Within. Final Fantasy because it is the only one that I have not beaten at all. I have tried several times but things happen and the game would disappear. I would like XCOM because I have never been able to get it and I really love strategy games.

  11. There are actually tons of cheap games that I was looking forward but I guess the #1 thing on my wishlist is CS:GO since my whole clan I am in own the game and it kinda feels lonely when u are with a group for 2 years and now u can not join them and I missed the last sale and spent my money on other good games like Magicka, Humble Bundles etc.

    I can not decide what other games to add now since 50$ feels alot for me.. I may add them later on if I win when I can think up of something…

    I hope I can have an equal chance of winning and I think CS:GO may go on a 75% sale next week 😉 so I think I can still add some other stuff I guess.

    Also Thanks for the giveaway and isn’t 3x 50$ winners too much?? I am not sure if the email I am using to comment is shown to you but if u want I can send u the email address later if I win 🙂

    • What kind of gaming clan are you in? One that plays a lot of different games?

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and joining this. Considering that a few of them wanting the $60 ones, I think it’d be more.. haha. I don’t think it’s something you’d have to worry about, right? Good luck!

      • Well the clan I am in used to be a FPS-based Clan but now we have 3 main games , 2 FPS (CS:GO & Battlefield 4) & 1 MobA (LoL /might switch to DotA 2)..
        But the clan is more of a community so we used to have events and play different games each week or so…. We are not that much focused into e-sports/tournaments but we are thinking to do events/practice for CS:GO Ranked(W/E the mode is)

        We previously used to be a CoD based Clan but it died off… We used to play CoD for fun, having a nice time (Having a whole team of 5 people running around with a Riot Shield while communicating to run as a formation to get blown up by a random grenade is surely fun times)… I don’t think I’m supposed to advertise here so I won’t leave a link or anything. If u want to know more/or are interested, you can contact me for more info 🙂

        Also GMT +8? That’s just a few hours difference from mine and yay another person born in December 😀

      • *Not-Really-Important Bump Incoming*

        I think I would have to cancel my CS:GO request since I bought CS:GO myself during the sale using the money from playing DotA 2 (Gotta love dem events) but considering the winter sale being so good I can’t make up my mind what to get instead so I think 5-10e Steam Wallet would be enough for me to get something(s) that I like later on the sale. I think you can’t gift steam wallet but u can send it via market

        Again ..Thank you for this epic giveaway and have a good day

  12. Hey Icesabel, I’ve been looking over the other entries and boy have I got some competition, anyways good luck choosing and I hope you have a merry christmas/hanukkha/insertotherholidayhere I’m trying to be politically correct here to get you to choose me,jk

  13. First of all thanks for doing this, with all these great games coming out it’s awesome to get a chance like this.
    As for my list

    I am obsessed with our universe and this game is basically a terraria in space. I absolutely love the idea of being able to explore a vast universe. Being able to go and explore different planets, craft different items and weapons. I would love for the chance to play this game it just seems awesome.

    Kerbal Space Program
    Like i said, i love space and this games basically puts you in charge of your own space program.. You create your own spaceships then launch them into space to explore the different planets how cool is that!! I’ve been watching this game for a while so it would be awesome to finally own it.

    This game recently came out as a standalone game i never had the chance to play the mod for arma. But after watching a couple streams of it i really want to play it. It is basically a zombie survival game and it looks really fun. you get to explore the city they put you in looting for certain items that help you survive, Since the walking dead tv show is taking a break this would be awesome to play in the meantime.

    Thank you for the chance.
    Goodluck and Merry Christmas to everyone!

  14. well, i only accidentally stumbled upon this, so i MAY not do everything correctly, but here goes:

    if i would be the lucky selected one, i only want one game. it’s currently on sale on Steam, but by the I get paid, the sale will be over already (even though i’m quarreling with myself whether even the sale price is a justified cause of spending money). anyway, it’s Morrowind, and it’s 9.99$ at the moment. i thought about whether to ask for Oblivion or Morrowind, as they’re both 9.99, but since this a chance to win something for free, i won’t be greedy, so i’ll stick with “only” Morrowind.

    as to why i would like it? well, aside the fact that the series is amazing, the most honest reason is that they’re an escape to an alternate world for me. i’m not so much of the fan of the real world, so i guess peace and quiet of a “virtual” world was always what i looked for in videogames

    anyhow, i ask for one game, so i guess i shouldn’t write a longer-than-average post here. no matter how this random act of kindness ends up, good luck to everyone, enjoy your holidays, and kudos for the OP, as it is deserved! 😀

    • My dear… you did NOT just break my heart! </3

      Morrowind was a real memory for me. I loved it to bits and hopefully, you'll love it just as much as well! Guess what? It's 22nd Dec and you're the first one to get a prize!

      I'll be emailing you in a while. ❤

  15. So I picked Rust and The mighty Quest for Epic Loot. Rust for me and The Mighty Quest for my little brother… He wants it so bad, but I really cant get any money 😐 so it would be a nice present for him ^^
    but do message me on my email.

    also the music ain’t half bad.

  16. Hi,I found out about this site and the giveaway from reddit . I would love me some Skyrim (I think that even the legendary edition is on a discount now) . Was planning to get it this christmas on steam,but unfortunately didn’t have enough money.

  17. Hello Icesabel!
    I have played Bioshock and Bioshock 2 many times but I’ve never played the third one. My friends told me that Infinite is incredible. Beautiful graphics, interesting gameplay and the best storytelling they have ever seen. I really want to play it but I don’t have money to buy it now. I’m a musician and all of my free money I spend to improve my skills buying better instruments. If you gift me Bioshock Infinite and Season Pass I would be very thankful!

  18. To whom it may concern (so to more than just to Icesabel, my Santa that is :D)
    Sometimes life brings you down, and sometimes you don’t want all of that. That’s why you resort to videogames (at least that’s why I do it). But we all know that even with Steam’s lower-than-average prices, for some such things still can be out of reach. But now let’s throw the game out the window. Let’s talk about gesture for a moment. To some, a free game is a “woohoo, free game”. To others, it’s a “holy balls, didn’t expect such people to exist anymore”. And also, an unexpected Christmas surprise to immerse into (seriously, everyone should play Morrowind).

    Keep that in mind, as it applies to more than just gifting games. Use the opportunity to wish yourself happy days in which you could pass the gesture forward to someone else. I see it as fixing the world one piece at a time (not by giving out videogames, I mean by being nice :D)

    So congratulations to all the future winners, happy holidays to all participants and big thanks to Icesabel for sweetening my holidays, and remember, it takes little to make people happy/ier. Less than gifting games, starting from a smile, or saying hi to your old friend. Make someone’s day, and yours too in the process. Cheers everyone! (going off to enjoy my Red Mountain holidays!)


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