Mumble mumble stare

Watching our fave D3 twitch commentator playing D3:RoS beta, KingKongor, my other half asked me why I’m not already twiching.


So.. here’s my list to why I can’t do it (playing live on Twitch).

NO! There’s nothing glamorous about a girl who really games (no fake girl gamers who are half naked taking photos of themselves sluttish-ly who don’t even know how to hold a controller or keyboard/mouse properly).

  1. Don’t even try to imagine how I sit on my computer chair /(;-_-)
    Most of the time, I’m slacking to the back in about the 135 degree, with my legs stretched out to the “lower shelf” of my computer table.
    The longer I game, the more my body slides down… down… down…

  2. I’d probably usually go to bed when I’m too tired.
    But, once in a while, if I’m really into a game and refuse to head to bed, I’d either go into a sleep-gaming mode or really fall flat on my keyboard.

    >>> Sleep-gaming mode. Ok, how this works is that, most of my brain has close down its factory. BUT, my hands are still in good coordination and my char will still be going on (this only works for MMORPGs only though). It works.. until (if the sound is still switched on, get shocked with a sudden noise) or I randomly wake up.

    >>> Yeah.. need I say more about my face flat on the keyboard? lol

  3. Be ready to hear me shout and scream like a maniac when a noob pisses me off!
    People would become silent when they suddenly hear my voice, because, that’s when I start commanding everyone. +_+
  4. I’m in another world when I’m gaming.
    I’d shut up entirely unless I need to speak.
    My team mates would be talking non-stop and then once in a while, ask whether I’m still “alive”, although, I’m still in-game playing with them.
    So, you get it, right? You NEED to speak a lot as a commentator whilst gaming.
    I can’t… I just can’t. o(>< )o
    (And this picture shows my faveeeeeeeee girl Counterstrike player from Team Alternate, zAAz..W00t! ❤ I’d marry her if I were a guy… lol XD)
  5. By the time I game until the wee hours of the morning, I’m pretty much a zombie on “drugs” (the game is my drug).
    I’d probably start talking nonsense and start to melt away in my seat, that I’d be a total bore.
  6. I’d be going.. “shucks.. I have no game to play”.
    Or, “I have no mood to game today”.
    Sure, I get into some games, but, sometimes, I want to go on a time-out session for a looooooooooooooooooong time… no, not hours, but, weeks or months.
    Plus, I get bored easily, so, if I don’t have the mood to play a certain genre or game, then, I won’t even bother to play anything.
  7. You’d probably see how I treat my bf the way I’ve always mentioned in my posts.
    If you can’t handle a pissed off gamer girl, don’t even dream of having one or you’d get pissed off as well. (((p(>o<)q)))
    I’m not trying to shatter your “perfect girl combination”.
    A hardcore (no casual gamers allowed here) girl gamer will f*** your world and the relationship if both can’t handle the situation well.
    Hmmm… same goes for the guys though.. that’s why a lot of (those who are not the understandable and patient type) girls give up on guy gamers.
    When I’m into a game and he tries to call me or message me (mobile or in-game), he gets no reply until much later. =X
    He’s the only guy I know of who can handle this side of me.
    No exes have ever taken this crap from me and most of them made me quit gaming anyway (which I eventually got angry over).
    Then again, I’m just plain weird.
  8. But, even so, when we do co-op, you’d probably see me go all lovey-dovey until you’d want to unsubscribe, shut off my channel and puke all over your monitor.

Thus, I should NOT do any Twitch…. well, with an exception of if ever Blizzard decides to give me a beta key and let me play D3:RoS and play with KingKongor. lol =X



❤ Icesabel


4 thoughts on “Mumble mumble stare

  1. Date a gamer girl who cusses the world together if she is talking in the first place. I am in. Where can i sign up Only exception she lets me play with her buttons on times.
    Remember my wee hours of gaming till my alarm clock went of to say i needed to go out for work Lol. Though that was ages ago during Unreal tournament. No not those follow ups. Could stiill do it though if i am up for it.
    keep smiling. to cool

  2. I got some good lols out of this, especially the pic on #6.

    On seating, I tend to slouch to the left or right, & have a fan blowing in my face most days. I also have a chiropractor.


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