Rainy… cold Sunday

It has been raining the whole of today!
Brrrrr… +_+

I was surprised that my Deemo game was done with, a few days back.
Been casually playing it on my iphone and didn’t play it everyday, so, it did take some time, but, I wasn’t expecting it to end that quickly either. ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎◞ ̑̑ෆ⃛
Loved it.. while it lasted.
I’m still able to play all the old songs, but, the scoring system just disappeared entirely.


The current mobile game that I’ve been obsessed with is called Greedy Grub.
Nothing fancy about this one.
Just a random game that makes you build a little town for animals and a tree farm of fruits and weird stuff like fruit juice, bread, cheese and even barrel (all grown on trees!).
Just something to keep me relaxed and not worry about anything important unlike other games.(~‾▿‾)~


I introduced my other half to the hair salon I went 2 months back @ La Coco – Korean Hair Salon.
This was the hair colour I got.. but, red on a non-redhead will fade really quickly, so, the red only lasted for a few weeks.
It’s fine though. ヾ(×× ) ツ
The hairdresser who did my hair was “Paul”, from Korea.

So, he also did my bf’s hair.
In about after more than an hour, I came back to the salon in a state of shock as I came towards him, who was walking to the reception to pay.
Paul was really nice to me upon reaching the counter and I was pretty surprised that he could speak a little English. *no disrespect, but, I’ve never heard him speak English at all*
The cut was nice, but, the colour was outrageous!
It was bright yellow, contrary to the picture below, because the place wasn’t well-lit.

There was a Korean-English lady translator (a Korean as well) there to help his clients bring across their ideal haircut and whatnot.

  1. He told the translator that he liked “Hongki” as he browsed through the haircut catalogue, she thought he wanted that style, so, she told Paul about it.
  2. The translator told him that Paul was enjoying himself, “I love playing with his hair… like a toy’s”. lol.. “toy”.
    People used to love playing with my hair because I have very fine, baby soft hair, as most people usually have thick and coarse hair.
  3. The Malaysian hair wash-and-dry girl asked whether he has a gf. He said yes and the other girl nearby said “you want to know him if he didn’t have one, right?”
    >_> Yeah yeah.. phishhhh… he always have admirers everywhere he goes.

Alright, let me introduce you to Hongki.
The lead vocalist of a Korean pop/rock band, F.T. Island!!!
He’s cute! *sigh*
I didn’t give him a second look or place much attention, until after I watched him try to win the heart of Fujii Mina in “We Got Married”. ❤ ❤ ❤
♪ヽ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v ♪

Fujii Minaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
❤ her a lot!!!


I was being scolded by my dad this morning.
The last time he did so was when I was really young.
He rarely does it.
Apparently, I was being so anti-social and lazy to go to my cousin’s wedding today and another cousin’s a few weeks back.

Okay.. my fault.
But, I’m really not close to them at all.
When we as a family visit their families (father’s side) during our festive season, my uncles and aunts don’t even know my name and always think that I’m the youngest one and my younger sister is the older one. We’re 7 years apart though.
I don’t speak to my cousins on my father’s side, although, we do FB. +_+
I don’t even speak much to my cousins on my mum’s side any more either, although, most of us were close when we were younger, because of family feuds and of their own personal issues.

Between me and all of them, we have nothing in common.
They do not understand my love for gaming or my preference on keeping quiet.
It’s just awkward for me.
Plus, I’m not a girly-girl all the time.
Hey.. maybe they won’t come to my wedding even though I’ll still invite them.

I found this just now…
Hmmm.. I don’t think it suits the current situation, although, I hate conforming to society’s ideals.
But, I’ll leave it as the last portion of this post.


❤ Icesabel


9 thoughts on “Rainy… cold Sunday

  1. We just like to be different. and to some it is seen as being anti social.
    Different hair to 😀 Sorry I can only imagine how yellow. Oops.
    Ooh come on not just surprised am sure you laughed to 😛
    keep smiling.

    • Ahh.. wait a minute.. you love being indoors while it’s raining and cold outside or are you one of them who loves to walk and “play” while it’s pouring? Heh…
      Where are you from? Does it always rain there?

      • If it starts raining and i’m outside I won’t rush inside by any means. I’ll continue doing what I was doing then go home. As long as it’s not pouring outside I don’t mind getting a little wet. I’m from Florida and it’s mostly hot year round so when it does rain I love it.


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