Until you’ve been there

I shall not whine too much today.
Well, just a little.
Sorry for my language.. for today. =X

Hahahaha… hmmm.. why do I even care to say that?
I should be allowed to vent my feelings in my own blog.

Almost everything was going wrong today!
From technology to people.

I have to come back tomorrow so as to change some equipment and get it fixed.
So, I’m cutting it down from a full day leave to a half day leave tomorrow.
I have no mood to clear stuff from the server room and carry heavy switches out to have it changed.
It’s supposed to be my off day tomorrow… I was planning to be lazy and relax for the extended weekend. >_>

4 days were taken off from my leave because of some miscalculations and miscommunication.
So, instead of a full 2 weeks of holiday at the end of this month, it’s been cut down.
Seriously, HR is USELESS!
Not once since I joined the working world did HR ever did a good favor or do their job as they should.
They’re paid handsomely, but, most have an attitude of a low IQ and EQ person who would only care about their own livelihoods.
Except for the small percentage who are plainly sweet, but, they’re a rare bunch.

My nemesis at work is out of her 4-months probation and without a second to waste, was back to her usual self.
I knew it.. she was putting up a front and for a good 4 months!
Not once was I taken by her “nice” etiquette.
She was definitely trying to be nice with me, but still, I didn’t bother to make any first move or even reciprocate, unless, something needs to be done.
Tried to knock me off just now and even the others who were around me said that she herself said the opposite back then, in front of them.
I was about to burst out shouting when she came up to me and gave an alternate solution to it.

Who cares if she’s a director, I’ve fought with her once, I’ll do it again.
This time without my ex-boss pacifying me down.
I wonder if she err again, that, there won’t be a second probation or warning and get fired immediately. /shrugs
She sure has f***ed too many people to have gotten that probation from HQ.
Still, a sweet talker who knows how to save her ass.
I’m sure you’ve met one of those people.

*someone needs a chill pill*

Hummm.. yeah.. I’m done.

On a lighter note…

Heard this song just now.
Calmed me down entirely.

Viva Forever.

Performed this song in school with a dance routine with 4 of my girlfriends, when we were teens.
Awesome memories!
Oh.. how we trained, shopped for the clothes to fit our image and all the girls braided my hair the night before the show.
Yeah.. that was fun.

I was given “Mel B” in the team, but, had Mel C’s pitch.
*Heh.. since I was a first soprano when I was in choir (none of them were from choir though, they thought it was geeky.. lol) back then.*

Oh.. lol.. reminded me of one other thing.
After that, my first ex tried to sweep me off my feet.
Too young to understand a thing except being infatuated by youth’s puppy love… shesshhh.
My other half must be wanting to kill him if he reads this… lol.


❤ Icesabel


7 thoughts on “Until you’ve been there

  1. Need a punching back with her face on it.. ooh ooh i know make an avatar with her face to kill in game. okay. yes I met these people before. I just lift the hand and walk away. thing is if it isn’t the boss she cannot fire me 🙂 i will explain to boss why not to her.and they do hate to be passed.
    but that is me venting yeah.me. I am cool cannot wait to get an out door job again away from all the bossy people.
    keep smiling and venting if you feel the need.

    • I would walk away if I could. Usually I would. It’s just that I have to work with her on certain things without a choice.

      Actually, when my ex-boss left, initially, Human Resource wanted to quietly move and place me to work under her (different department). Found out about that, got so pissed that I told HR that I’d quit if anyone would ever want me to work with her directly. One of the highest directors seriously took his time to pull me to one side to talk to me and coaxed me down and promised that they won’t do that. A lot of people love and respect him and as do I, so, I was surprised that he would actually do so and made me quite embarrassed for having someone like him to have to do so. But, it’s just me to be straight-forward and a little too honest in my feelings and thoughts. My ex-boss used to be the middle person to protect his team against anyone. Now, shouldn’t it have been HR’s job to do that instead? Pretty much explains part of why I never respected HR as a whole.

      Congrats on your outdoor job! When are you starting?

      • Well it is just hoping keeping fingers crossed. in mean time we keep smiling.
        We do not grow by just saying yes and amen. It is a team and one bad link kills the team everybody knows that. Good thing in this company HR has nothing to say about who i have to work for. they after all do not know the atmosphere of a floor or between people from way behind their desk. pencil pushers.
        but we keep smiling. I know I am. FPS is going full throttle with in minutes.

  2. Read this days ago but an issue with the WordPress app prevented me from writing anything or hitting ‘Like’. Anyway, totally agree! keeping your head above water at work can be difficult sometimes, the jungle environment encouraging personalities that wouldn’t thrive anywhere else. Good luck out there.


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