Upgrading the Internet Line?

How it irritates me when I get my monthly bills that pops up…

  1. text twice on my phone in a week for each bill
  2. emails to 2 of my email addresses (once each though)

I’ve opted out from (paper) mail bills since a year ago.
Never do I read mail anyway unless I’m expecting something.

But, as I was browsing around my ISP’s website, I was a little infuriated.
For the current price I’m paying, new/re-contract customers get 500mbps!!!!!
I’m only getting 300 (which used to be the fastest)!
RAWR! ;…;
Anyway, since I’ll be moving out at the end of next year, I’ll be lapsing the internet line contract.
So… it doesn’t matter.

Let’s have a little peek at how some of the other ISPs are faring.


Here are the main contenders.


I’m on the fibre-all-in-one (supposedly the fastest back then) contract.
The only reason I’m even wasting my money on useless tv channels and an extra home phone number, is because I wanted to change my mobile phone every year (yes… purely for that one perk).

I neither watch tv nor use a home phone. >_>

Please do notice that they do not offer 1gbps speed, contrary being one of the main ISPs here.



I was using this for a couple of years before moving to Singtel because the customer service SUCKS!
My dad has the tv channels subscribed to them though since everyone else in my family watches tv. 😛



My friends have no qualms over them in terms of speed or customer service.
No further comments.



The only perk I can see the VPN.
But, even so, I could easily get a more stable VPN at an affordable cost which is awesome to play (yes, I’m referring to gaming) on Europe and US servers without any hiccups and the smoothness of a milkshake.
I have no idea why I said that. lol


The other ISPs are mainly for businesses.

Well, there is one more, mainly for gaming, and they’re MyRepublic.
But apparently, they’re still stuck at giving 150mbps max.

Unfortunately, the first and last time I spoke to (probably their sales person) someone there, the person knew nuts about their services and basic internet stuff, so, that does spell future tragedy should I have to handle with the kind of people they hire to handle any connection hiccups. +_+


So, yeah… that’s about all.


❤ Icesabel


4 thoughts on “Upgrading the Internet Line?

  1. It is always a gamble. here we still on like max 200 Mbps but it is an all inclusive tv, inet and phone package for a 50 dollars i believe it was. But still there is always something missing on one or the other. But as you said do not want hickups with playing 😀

    • :p the outrage when you get dc not because of your pc/console or game server but because of the internet connection! Actually 200 is at a pretty good speed unless it goes down really low since they are not supposed to be constant.


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