My current game infatuation

I’ve been playing Diablo 3 the past few weeks.
Casually… but, kinda into it this week, probably because I needed to de-stress.

Before that…
My reaction to D3 was just plain …

Well, a few weeks back, my other half sent a text with a screenshot of his friend’s list, with me being offline for “437 Days 17 Hours“.
I was asking him why’d he log in again.
Apparently, he wants to max out his main char of level and items before they bring down the AH next year.
So… he asked me to play it again.
It took me a week or two before I agreed.

When I went back, I knew nuts about the game.
Had to spend a lot of time to just research on the builds and EQ on what they called “patch 1.0.8”.



There are TONS of builds and I was spoiled for choice.
Tried a couple.
Hated and loved bits and pieces of this and that.
I’ve catered it to my habitual comfort on my wiz.

Now, I’ve got 2 sets for 2 builds.

So, here we have the ever so popular CM-ice build.

This was created for my other half and our friends when we go leveling together at MP (Monster Power) 8 and above.

It’s more for survival because of the high armor/def and all res.
Just helping the guys to constantly freezing all the mobs non-stop, so, they can easily kill without a scratch.
Except that, I tend to get bored of doing the repetitive moves.

The other build is the infamous Archon build.

It’s purely made for me to enjoy my solo “me-time”.
Enjoy pew-pew-ing mobs without a care with the high dps.
Lasers are FUN!

Me time… hmmm… just like today.
I had no mood to play with anyone and somehow, right now, I feel a little bad because I left my own game that some “friends” joined just because I wanted to casually take my time.

Thinking of trying a melee build next.


❤ Icesabel


7 thoughts on “My current game infatuation

  1. Try try try again. But at some point it is bleh and no thanks. OMG Again.
    Not sure if you have it to. But at some point the game is just boring. I always seem to go back to the old game.

  2. Yay D3 so much fun in the casual wander around kill stuff and quest mode. Im not to thrilled about the RL currency thing I feel like it lends itself to much “bank” style players hoarding but what ev. it rocks none the less.
    B. xx happy sunday

    • Well, I did earn quite a handful as with the rest of my friends when D3’s AH was still young, but, it’s not much of a use now seeing that the prices has deflated a lot. Oh well, the game’s alright, just that it’s pretty repetitive ’cause there isn’t anything to look forward to end-game-wise.

      ^_^ Have a good weekend.

  3. I was going to buy this but I ended up getting Torchlight 2 instead. I love modding and Torchlight 2 allows that so that won. I will be getting this game next month though so I don’t have long to wait.


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