What Gaming Taught Me – Part 2

There was a short Part One a year ago.

Maybe it does seem “sad” to a lot of people who cannot fathom a gamer’s perspective on the worth of gaming, if I were in their shoes.
That’s only because they’re not seeing it from our standpoint.
Actually, even some gamers who have already shed off their gaming selves and turned to casual gaming or has quit the gaming scene entirely do say that they’ve regretted gaming the way they did back then due to whatever reasons, such as that they should’ve done something else with that huge amount of “wasted” time.
But, I’m not here today to talk about the argument between who’s right or if gaming is really good/bad.

As Cartman, in the South Park episode, Make Love, Not Warcraft, says, “You can just hang around outside in the sun all day, tossing a ball around, or you can sit at your computer and do something that matters“.

Gaming??? What are the benefits?

  • Perfect aim
    Okay.. maybe not to perfection, but, I did learn to always head-shot anyone and anything. lol
  • Speedy reflexes
  • Making faster decisions
  • Improve hand-eye co-ordination
    If you ain’t quick enough, you’ll die like a n00b.
    In practically a lot of games.. music rhythm games, first/third person shooter, role-playing games, etc.
    Ok, maybe not physically for some people.
    But, your brain will react faster than those without constant “training”.
  • Better knowledge of the history of America
    Even when you’re not an American. O.o
  • A tactical mindset
  • Being able to strategize
    Apricot.. you’re staying at Long A, Banana and Coconut at Stairs and Dragon-fruit at Lower B and I’m going to lure and fake them at Bomb site B. Alright.. go go go!
  • Improve Language
    Actually, not really.
    A lot of people type in short forms/abbreviations/slang/acronyms.
    Gamers use a lot of our own terms and language, although a couple are being borrowed over to the current generation of smartphone/”non-gamer” computer users.
    In some games, depending on the server location and the rules of the server/game, you can see lots of foreign language around.
    I’d rather read a book or well-written online articles if I really wanted to improve my language skills, but, you will be able to learn new languages quicker as you’d be asking “What’s this and that?” while they talk.
  • Improve Maths Skills
    Especially when you’re doing a lot of trading pertaining to the video game (for example, buying and selling of equipment)
  • Getting to know people from all around the world
  • Hone social skills
  • Know more about the various cultures of different countries
    Unless you’re one of those who doesn’t bother to talk to anyone, doing your own thing and enjoying your own company or just with your own race/countrymen/etc. +_+
  • Become team players
    You need to work as a team in a lot of co-op games.
  • Survive starvation longer
  • Can’t travel? That’s fine. Let’s explore wherever your imaginations takes you to
    Where would you like to go to?
    Take your pick. ❤

    Futuristic world?

    Seaside? Lake?

    Old castles?

    Ice-capped mountains?
  • Improve problem solving, motivation and cognitive skills (as you proceed to tougher levels)
  • Thousands of unforgettable hours
  • How to use a keyboard (differently)
    Well, not really something beneficial. >_<
  • A few other random stuff that has no significance whatsoever XD
  • Last, but, not the least, meeting my other half


Looking back… IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!


❤ Icesabel


8 thoughts on “What Gaming Taught Me – Part 2

  1. The Portal spot at the end there that says “Companies don’t give a fuck about you.” was something that I found particularly amusing and ironic, given Valve’s behaviour.

    I agree with the points that you’ve made here almost in their entirety, with special emphasis on the travel and thousands of unforgettable hours. When I’m on my deathbed I’m not going to regret not going to this or that place, I’m going to regret a game that I bought but for some reason never played or never finished. I’m going to always remember playing Amensia: the Dark Descent, one of the few games I would call perfect, and being drained after each play session. I’m going to remember skulking around in the darkness and using it to my advantage to escape those twisted creatures Alexander sent after me and even playing ring-around-the-pole in a daring escape after being caught by one of the knife-wielders. I escaped and I’m as proud to say that I only died once in that game as I am to say I beat Demon’s Souls.

    The best of games offer those experiences, deep and rich memories that are comparable to going on vacation or what not away from your computer…and, hell, my girlfriend and I have been together for three and a half years and we met playing Final Fantasy XI.

  2. That was so entertaining and true. Even though i do not game as much as I used to. i still do and loving it.
    it does help with quick thinking and problem solving.
    Wait what was I thinking again.
    Ooh right keep smiling. hope all preps are doing well.


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