Happiness is…


Happiness is…

  • Meeting the old couple on the way home
  • My mum acknowledging of my partner and wedding

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but, I’ll always come across this old Malay couple at the walkway on my way home.
The old bent man would push his wife, who is on a wheelchair, slowly as they make their usual round.
She started to use a tube connected to an IV bag this year and looked even more fragile than before.
It has been months since I saw them.
This time, the old man would constantly stop to catch a breath.
Well, it’s not always that I go home straight from work, but, most of the time, I would.
The worst thought came up as I started missing them.
I don’t know why, but, I’d just feel happy seeing them doing their usual walk together.
Maybe it’s because of their love even at such an age.
After all, it is rare at such a place and time.

My mum called me and asked if I was still continuing with my wedding.
Then, went on to ask for the date and whether I wanted help with buying wedding favors or with anything else.
I said it’s fine.
Shucks… she knows that I’m doing it alone.
I’m guessing that Miss talk-a-lot who can’t keep secrets of my younger sister told her.
As I was answering her slowly and carefully, I was kind of taken aback, expecting her to be angry as usual.
Because last year, when I asked whether his family could come to our house to discuss of our wedding, she forbade it.
My sis did ask me 2 weeks back on when I was planning to tell our mum of the date.
My response was “what would you expect of me to do when last we talked, we fought horribly”.
I don’t want to quarrel.
She has her own personal reasons to choose what she has said to/scolded me about.
If what I think is right about me being a whole lot like her in terms of character and mindset, then, I’ve got a feeling that she’s probably seeing a repeat telecast of her life.
Maybe I’m feeling insecure about my choices, not only about this, but, since I was young, about many issues.
But, I hope I can be strong throughout.
I just hope so.


❤ Icesabel


2 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. Hope it will all work out. It takes time sometimes. and maybe you are right about your mum, but you can only know if both parties are ready to talk and not brawl right.
    Keep smiling and selfish as it may be. It is in the end your happiness you are choosing for..


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