‘Lil Update on SG’s Anon hackers

And so… the saga continues…


Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore repeatedly insisted that the outage on Saturday afternoon was due to maintenance and not a result of any external hackers and in an earlier statement, there were router issues and a hardware problem which crippled access to 19 of its sites for over half a day.

The Ministry of Education had circulated an email announcement on the security measures to be taken under the event a website is being hacked.
(A local teacher had shared the image to TRS, as shown below).

It lays out the steps to take if the school’s website is hacked:

  1. Suspend the account as soon as possible.
  2. Put up a notification or announcement page to inform the visitors that the website is under maintenance.
  3. Please inform MOE ITB Comms of the hacking by providing the URL link of the website that is compromised.
  4. Backup the defaced website.
  5. Implementing security measures such as installing the latest patch and changing the administrator password to a stronger password, i.e., passwords with a combination of:….


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had told local journalists that his government would “spare no effort” in going after Anonymous members who have threatened to wage a cyber war against the Singapore Government.
PM Lee warns hackers: We will track you down — even if you think you’re ‘anonymous’“.

On 7th Nov 2013 at 11.17pm, PM Lee’s official website was hacked with an additional rude message of “ANONYMOUS SG WAS HERE BIATCH” and displayed mocking messages and pictures from Anonymous, which is demanding the scrapping of rules requiring Singapore news websites to obtain annual licenses.
The rules, which came into effect in June, have sparked anger among some bloggers and activists who say they are designed to muzzle free expression.
Authorities insisted that the new licensing rules do not impinge on Internet freedom.

An hour later, a “subpage” of the website of the Istana, the official residence of President Tony Tan, was “compromised” early Friday, telecommunication officials said without giving details.

While the defaced section of http://www.istana.gov.sg had been take offline by early afternoon, screengrabs widely circulated on social media showed the image of a stern-looking elderly woman raising a middle finger. Its authenticity could not be independently verified.
It was accompanied by the words “JIAK LIAO BEE!“, a mildly offensive term in Hokkien, a southern Chinese dialect, referring to people who get paid for doing nothing.


If you keep reading on/hearing Singaporeans mumbling about the pay/salary of the governmental bodies and you’re wondering why…
Here’s a low-down.

Singapore Governmental Salaries

Singapore (tax free!):
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong: US$1,700,000
Singapore President: US$1,190,000
Singapore cabinet ministers: US$850,000
Singapore members of parliament: US$148,306

Note 1: New ministers will make about S$1.1 million (US$850,000)
Note 2: The monthly pay for a Singapore Member of Parliament (who does virtually nothing) is S$192,500 (US$148,306) per year tax free.
Note 3: In addition to their inflated salaries, the Singapore politicians receive extra pay as appointed company directors!

United States (not tax free):
President: US$400,000, with US$50,000 expenses
Vice President: US$202,900
Cabinet Secretaries: US$157,000 – $186,600
Secretary of State: $186,600

United Kingdom: Prime Minister: US$279,000
Australia: Prime Minister: US$229,000
Hong Kong: Prime Minister: US$516,000
Japan: Prime Minister: US$$359,000
Canada: Prime Minister: US$246,000
Germany: Prime Minister: US$303,000
France: Prime Minister: US$318,000


It’s a no-brainer to where that money comes from and with the addition of all the other circulating issues at hand and a government that apprehends an individual even at the slightest comment that they deem offensive (simply because people are speaking out the truth), one would just wonder when people will start revolting to fight for fairness.


❤ Icesabel


2 thoughts on “‘Lil Update on SG’s Anon hackers

  1. Would you fight for fairness? Just asking answer is not a must ;). I understand where they are coming fun. Is it wrong to hack and do it this way yeah i guess. but it s the only way to have every one notice that something is happening. And those salaries are crazy high. And it does come form the pockets of the tax paying people. They after al do not pay any tax.

    • It is a nice alternative for someone to speak up. Anyone who does so (years before anonymous people were here) has been caught and life just goes downhill hell once the govt knows you’ve done wrong in their eyes. I’ve heard of one who had to leave the country and give up his citizenship for that. That is why most people are quiet.

      Although it may seem wrong to hack, a lot of people are supporting the hacking acts because it’s the only available outlet and especially the perfect time to express their views, everywhere online. Thinking about it, unless anyone can get real dirty info, the govt will not budge and succumb and would probably continue their escapade of upholding to their “catch the hackers because they cause chaos and make us lose face”.

      Plus, from what I’ve garnered from what people have been saying, although a lot of people are in for the good, some are very lawful aka even it gives greater good to do a little wrong, they will stick to their “only follow the law” code of conduct, some are scared and meek, but it’s understandable considering we’ve seen what has happened to those who has spoken out, some are the supporters of the leading party in the govt and will believe and follow everything they’re told to do.

      Me? I guess, throughout my life, I’ve been the neutral good. Meaning, at the end of it all, I’d go for the good. I will follow the law if it gives a better sense of balance in retaining peace. But, I will speak up and fight (done that way too often in my everyday life) even when there’s an embedded rule not to do so, just so the greater good can be attained. There may be a flawless looking rule or law, but, how do you perceive one to be in your own code of beliefs? But, one thing is for certain, either way, do it with respect even if they spit on you, because even if you’ve “lost”, you’ve not stooped as low as them to have given you near-to-none respect.


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