Run Away

Title: Run Away
Year Created: 2010
Tools: Photoshop CS3
Method: Photo-manipulation
Stocks: 4 photos from deviantART (account deleted)

I’ll never let you find me
I’m leaving you behind with the past
No, I won’t look back
And I don’t want to hear your reasons
Don’t want to hear you tell me why I should stay
And try, and try to understand me
And try to understand what I say when I say I can’t stay
I’m moving on from this place
I’m leaving and I won’t quit running away



Inspired music by Midnight Hour, Running Away


Oh no no.. this has nothing to do with the 3-part story.
I’ll post that third piece another time.
It’s just that, I’m not in the best mood today.
All I feel like doing is running away from everything.

Umm… ok… I’d better tell the real story behind this piece.


Whether it had a history in my life or not, I’ll love this song either way.

Truthfully, I played this song as “the last song” for an ex.
It was a “wrong time, wrong place” moment.
Although I tried to help him with his studies (I was working, well trying to.. what I was going through was a big barrier) since he wanted to take up a private diploma, I was a very sad being with a lot of problems at that time.
I guess he wanted to save me and take care of me, but, from my point of view…
When you’re in your depression mode, it’s not an easy task to think of anything more than trying to keep sane.
My conscience was killing me because as much as I appreciate his gestures and love, I couldn’t reciprocate.

One of the things that you’ll probably learn about love is to love yourself before loving others.
It may seem selfish from an angle.
But, without a stable basis, everything will crumble beneath you.
I’m not saying that you have to be perfect, just saying that you have to build your own foundation for yourself depending on your own strengths/weakness and pace.

If you can’t grasp the meaning behind that, you’ll probably figure it out someday…
Through your own experience and life lessons.

Running away will not solve anything though.

It’s just a temporary escape.
You’ll have to face the problems head on eventually.

But, yeah… that’s the history of this piece.


❤ Icesabel


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