I’ve just been converted into a MitiS fan!!
Didn’t know his music is really awesome.

If you’re not into electronic genre, you might want to skip this.
Then again, it could change your life. XD


What I love most about electronic/dance/techno/euromix/rave/megamix is that it’s perfect for playing FPS/TPS and while mobbing/pvping in RPG.
Pumps up the adrenaline.

Hmmm… but.. I tend to listen to them on lazy nights as well.
It can sometimes be soothing.
Soothing as in.. it pushes the negative vibes out of me.
Years back when I was way younger, when I was so angry or negative in any way, that whilst randomly listening to music, I found these kind of genre to be a great alternate outlet.

Alright, so some people tend to go for slower songs, I’d understand.
But, yeah.. all to their own preference.


❤ Icesabel


4 thoughts on “MitiS

  1. I like the background image for this video, very intriguing. I sometimes like this genre a whole heap even though it isn’t my favourite kinda music. Do you know Moontrance by Lindsey Stirling? Also very good:)

  2. Oh if I ever felt angry I listened to Metallica to calm down . Listen to raves/ electric dance if i needed some adrenaline as you said to be pumped up. haha music is a funny thing.


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