I can’t help it!!!

BREAKING: New video from Anonymous exposes The Messiah!


Hello citizens of Singapore
Welcome to news 5 tonight.
We are Anonymous.

Artists use lies to tell the truth and suppress thoughts.
By suppressing thoughts, you amplify curiosity.
And if there is not proper channel for feedback, these curiosities will manifest itself into perception
Creating an illusion of truth and with time, will be perceived as being the truth itself.
It has come to our attention is such an artist, he has hacked into websites with the intention to spread fear and gossip amongst the tiny island of Singapore
And to politicize the 5th of November as a day of ideas and the protest against censorship by the Singapore government.
While Anonymous is for the belief that everyone should have the right to information.
We are against hackers like the Messiah who exploits our movement for his own personal benefit.
One such example is when he hacked into City Harvest’s Sun Ho’s website, we detest that act in the strongest objection possible because we love Sun Ho.
While she looks like a horse, we believe that cruelty to animals should not be condoned.
Hackers like the Messiah are a disease to Anonymous.
As such, we wish that Singapore should now come to know the identity of the Messiah.
The Messiah is in truth, a lone ranger, who’s actual identity is SMRT Feedback.
We support the laws of Singapore.
That people like SMRT Feedback should be punishable by death.
This cheeky bastard has trolled the nation for so long that even at this point in time, while you are viewing this video, they are trolling you right now.
That’s right, Singapore.
You’ve just got trolled.
You have wasted a few good minutes of your life.
Especially the ISA and the Singapore Police Force who thought they were going to finally catch the Messiah.
Bodoh pe kambing


For those who doesn’t understand the last sentence, it means “stupid goat”.
Just one of the ways (and languages) that the locals would say to dumb people.

Ok… now… everything is confusing!

The Messiah has hacked a couple of websites the past months.
Including the Ang Mo Kio Town Council, Sun Ho and City Harvest Church (a case on the people in-charge using millions of dollars from their followers).
Also, listed grievances and alleged censorship in a few recent incidents.

Then, a video under the name of Anon to declare a “war” against the Singapore government was produced.
A journalist from The Straits Times decides to change the words of the real video shortly after.
In return, The Messiah hacked into the Straits Times website to send a message for her to give a public apology, which was added to their to-do list (from the link above).
Mentioning about the 5th of November and to join in to regain our freedom.


A few hours ago, a long list of government websites went down, including (Internal Security Department), (Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore) and (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore).
With which, “The Real Singapore” contacted the Messiah to confirm on who was behind the DDOS attack.
Something doesn’t sit right.
The Messiah replied that he wasn’t the one doing so.
It was suspected that this is the work of the Anonymous Collective following earlier threats made in a “declaration of war” video.


IDA then posted in their Facebook 2 hours after most of the government websites have been brought down that “all Government Websites are currently going under “planned maintenance” and that they will be back up soon” via mobile.
People started to speculate on the government trying to check on their ego by saying so (knowing well enough more than 30 websites were down).
All on a public holiday.


A few hours later, SMRT Ltd (Feedback) said that the Messiah would be revealed by Azly Jacaz soon.
Azly mentioned: “In the next few days, I will reveal who the Messiah is. Currently, he can’t be traced by SPF (Singapore Police Force) because he uses TOR and the relays used are interchangeable. Here’s a screenshot of one of the relays used. Stay tuned!”

With which, The Bastard Movement posted a video above.
Unfortunately, the video typed Anon as “Anonyomous”.




Anyway, because of this, I found out about the real “November 5th”.

“Since we believe in maintaining a leaderless movement, please note that a new ZeeMap will be available if anything happens to the current map.”
All worldwide locations for the Million Mask March can be found here:

Who is this guy?
This could be you, your mother, your father, your siblings, your uncle or aunt, your grandma, your grandpa, your friend, your teacher, me, he, she… it could be ANYONE.

This is why we are so strong.
Anonymous is not about identity.
Anonymous is an IDEA. Ideas can not die.


❤ Icesabel


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