Title: Obliterated
Year Created: 2010
Tools: Photoshop CS3
Method: Photo-manipulation
Stocks: 15 photos from deviantART (account deleted)

Woohoo… I found some of the owners.

Girl – faestock – couldn’t find the exact one though
Guy – katanaz stock – they’ve deactivated their account


 – Bokeh

Couldn’t find the exact image – Stairs

 – Waterfall

 – Room

 – Wall

 – Tree

Viewable if you’re a DA member – Mountains

 – River

Could not find the owners of the other 5.

She don’t touch me, I don’t touch her
We rarely even ever say a word
I really want to give her everything she deserves
But the bad took away the good
She thinks that I’m full of it, arguments, always pissed, man I’m tired
Every kiss that I miss, girl you know I’m trying
You never believe when I say, and I never believe it when you say
I love you, and I shouldn’t complain about it
I should take it like a man and walk up out it
Cause we will never be the same, ooh
I’ve been standing in gas and you have been the flame


This is actually the first of a 3-part “story”.
I can’t recall what it was about though.

All I remember is that it’s meaning is close to to the lyrics of the song Moving Mountains by Usher.

Wait… I think it has something to do with the girl leaving him even how much the guy has done all that he can to make her happy.
He’s depressed and she’s.. well, walking away.


Explained further in the second piece.
Part 2
Part 3 – soon


❤ Icesabel


4 thoughts on “Obliterated

  1. Story of my life. 😦 okay
    beautiful though magnificent.piece of work. so many to find in there. beautiful
    I feel more drawn to the dark or in the dark after she walked out on me a year ago


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