Listen to the Silence

Title: Listen to the silence
Year Created: 2010
Tools: Photoshop CS3
Method: Photo-manipulation
Stocks: 3 photos from deviantART – lost credits (account deleted)

Listen to the silence in between
It’s louder than the bombs that come screaming in
Listen to the silence
I’m gonna sit down tonight

We’re still at the front
But we don’t, we don’t fight
We’re gonna sit down tonight


Inspired by the song Sit Down by Flunk.

As with my other artworks, depict this as whatever you prefer.

This was loosely based on the anger that I have on problems that people have to face.
You… me… anyone.. everyone.
Whatever the problem.
As small as your own insecurities to as big as the wars raging outside.

Different people do various ways to get things rectified as best as they can.
Some become really outspoken, which doesn’t necessarily mean violence, but, simple speaking out in defence, for example.
While others, keep mum and through their actions, portray the message that they want to send.


I guess I’ll take my time to post these out again.
So, here’s one.
Not really advisable to post considering the issues that are being circulated around right now.



❤ Icesabel


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