Pre? Let’s make it post!

He annoys me to bits (most of the time)!
Yet, he can be so sweet in his own way.
Never good with words, but, always in his actions.

While I was looking for a good pre-wedding photography session a few days back, I remembered one that I used to always see in my FB.
A couple of my friends kept liking their stuff, so, I liked the page a long time ago to see updates ’cause I always found that the pictures are always so fascinating.
Late last week, I made a booking for a consultation with them on this weekend, but, they mentioned that they will only be holding their consultations during an upcoming event.
Korea Festival 2013 – Vizit Korea
Booking online for a one-day event was $38 per person, while onsite, it’d be $48.
So, it went on that I eventually emailed back and forth with one of their consultant.

Initially, it was either paying to go to this event just for a 30-minutes consultation or not get a promotion price and meet them on the next weekend in their office.
So, I chose going to the event and messaged my other half about it.
The sweetest thing that he ever replied (for so long) was he’d forgo his friday’s physiotherapy treatment, so we could go to this event today (Saturday).
I think I did mention he had a surgery not too long ago.
But, when I went online, all the tickets were fully booked, so, we were supposed to fork out more for an onsite ticket purchase.
Just a few hours later, the lady surprised me by emailing me to say that she has spoken to her management and we could meet her outside the event hall.

We’ve not chosen a particular studio yet (they are affiliated with about 40 studios in Korea), but, I think I know which one I want.
Paid the down-payment and chosen the week date, which is just a day or maybe a few days after our wedding.
We’re skipping the pre-wedding photos and have post-wedding photos instead.
It’d be way more awesome to have it after the wedding and then, go for our honeymoon.
Thus, our honeymoon will be in South Korea!!!!!!



The studio that I like the most would be the one that does the reality tv show “We Got Married”!
So, you can just imagine how happy I was.
Tee hee~

He was the one who introduced me to the show.
Kept asking me to watch it with him.
Somehow, he’s a romantic at heart, who likes to do things with me all the time.
Although, he enjoys making me pissed off a lot and confesses on that fact.



Anyway, here are some of the studio (that I’d like to book with)’s photos.

Oh yeah…
❤ ❤ ❤

We’re so excited!


❤ Icesabel



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