Hope Within Faith

Title: Hope Within Faith
Year Created: 2010
Tools: Photoshop CS3
Method: Photo-manipulation
Stocks: 6 photos from deviantART



 Background 1

 Background 2

 Background 3 – apologies, couldn’t find the owner


Am I the last of my kind?
I have not seen a soul since I opened my eyes to the dark mornings.
All I see is death… hell on earth.
Things that I never knew existed.

Yet, I still find hope within my faith.
And that… is all I have.



Still wondering what a photo-manipulation is?

It’s basically, a group of stock photos being placed into one “canvas” and altered to create a finalised picture.
I’ve found nearly all of the owners of the images in this piece.
So, now you can see the “before” photos of this picture.

Thus, this is what all my photo-manipulation pieces are made of.
A couple of images placed into one to form a picture of what I want to portray.


❤ Icesabel


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