A little bit of this and a little bit of that

A lot of things happened the past few days.


My partner has been in a series of really bad luck lately.
There’s nothing much that I could’ve done, much less even whine about it.
But, we’re keeping each other strong to go through this.
Well, although it does seem harsh, but, I still think that some of the issues were partly his fault.

But, some of the other problems were entirely someone else just out to make our lives miserable.
How awful it is for him to already have to pay for the hospital bills because he has just gotten a knee surgery last month.
This stranger just decides to add in monetary problems to the list.
Because we’re also trying to save up for our wedding by ourselves, which really costs a lot and it’s not as we have a big pay-check.
Seriously, if we did, we wouldn’t even need to wait until next year to get married.

I still think that everything happens for a reason.


Let’s skip the negative parts.
I don’t see why we need to dwindle in problems.
Will just take things one at a time.

He gave me this song the other day.
lol XD
Just like us.
Although we only got together 10 years back, we were schoolmates since we were 7.
How sweet!


Got to book with the photographer for photography and videography for our wedding just now.
Costed us $2400.
Still yet to book for a post-wedding photography next year.
Not enough ka-ch$ng to do so.
We had dinner at a restaurant nearby, where we used to go when we were kids (with our own families).
It was a popular place to eat back when we were young.
Apparently, it still is popular now!
There was a long queue, but, we still waited on to eat there.
Nothing so special about the food though.
Not sure why people love it.


My orthodontist gave me another scolding yesterday.
He asked whether I’ve been using my bands on my braces.
I gave a reply straight away that I didn’t.
Ahhh… I tell ya… I’m a tad bit too honest for my own liking. >_>
Then, he went on to say that if I wore my bands, in a month or 2, I’d be able to take off my braces.
That made me so happy!

I can’t remember how it felt like to NOT have braces in my mouth.
I’ve had it for more than 3 years because I’ve been lazy to do this and that.
Thus, 3 years of scolding from my ortho every time I visit him.
I get lectures from my dentist who I see to do my 6-months clean-up too.
Kept asking me why this and that.
Can’t run away from people “bla bla bla” blabbering at me.
Ok.. ok.. will try to remember to wear my bands.
I hope to get these off by early next year.


Was having a meeting with my regional IT colleagues just now.
And our regional manager was asking who’d like to join 2 groups of different projects.
I was already in a group from an earlier project which is still ongoing.
So, I told them “volunteer please! 🙂 don’t be shy!”
One of them laughed and said “*** IS shy!”
Everyone laughed.
I actually laughed at myself as well.
‘Cause I know I’ve just been pwned.

But… wow.. I really love this group of people.
Truly, I do.
Best team I’ve ever worked with.
A really awesome talented bunch from all over Asia.

Hmmm… actually, I’m always giving a lot of input about anything and everything.
I seem shy to people irl because I can’t be bothered to talk.
I only talk when it’s time to.
But, those whom I’m closer to knows that I talk a lot of crap and can get very rowdy.
‘Cause it’s only when I feel like it.


Time for me to get some shut eye.
Stop ranting.
Really tired today.


❤ Icesabel


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