Namie Amuro

Title: Namie Amuro
Year Created: 2010
Tools: Paper and graphite pencils

Title: Namie Amuro – Don’t Think Hard
Year Created: 2010
Tools: Photoshop CS3
Method: Photo-manipulation
Stocks: 11 photos from deviantART – lost credits (account deleted)

Every time you leave
You say that someday you’ll be back with me
All I really need tonight is us to just be over
Namie Amuro



Known as Japanese’s Queen of Hip-Hop, Namie Amuro has been singing and dancing since she was 14 in 1992.
She’s so preeeeeeeety! ❤
lol XD

Anyway, the drawing wasn’t scanned, instead, I took a picture of it and it came out “pixelated” of some sort.
It wasn’t a finished piece and I didn’t intend to finish it, but, I thought it shouldn’t be destroyed either, so, yeah… it stayed that way.


❤ Icesabel


6 thoughts on “Namie Amuro

    • Story goes that I lost my inspiration to draw halfway through. Just that I didn’t have the heart to throw this piece away. True story.

      Won’t ever finish it and don’t want to. Not sure why, but, I don’t like touching a work that I’ve deemed as “finished” even though it’s not even halfway through. It’s a “I’m done with this” gesture. But, thank you. ^_^

      If you want to know something… my drawings are always never finished. I have ADHD and after a while, I lose my concentration and just want to do something else. The only ones that I have more passion in are the digital work, which I’ll keep doing until the very end.

      • I always had the problem in art class to be bored after 10 minutes looking at a picture you had to draw. Start scribbling and end up with a deformed head of a woman with a beard. Failed ll. But it is that I did not care. still scribble, my drawing gone really bad. Digital wise I am just the same half way through I am just done and start something new.
        Having next Thursday a scribble I been thinking of since the first McSniff and finally drawn last Friday.


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