So Loud Inside My Head





Title: So Loud Inside My Head
Year Created: 2011
Tools: Photoshop CS5
Method: Photo-manipulation
Stocks: 15 photos from deviantART – lost credits (account deleted)

There was a long period of time when I was intrigued by people wearing masks and not speaking of the truth.
Still am.
A lot are just listening attentively like scared dogs on leashes, even when they don’t want to.
While others are oblivious with what’s going on around them as long as they can go about their daily lives without a care about the world beyond their safe grounds.
Can’t be blamed.
I understand the fear it brings.
Fear of losing.. mostly, not the materialistic things.. but, of their own lives and the ones they love.

Media clouds the minds of most people, manipulated by those who are in authority.
Which exactly is reality?
It becomes confusing to hear different sides of one story from different places.

Steals your voice, your mind, your soul.
They hate not being in control.



Reason why, if I do read the newspaper and the “official news” on the net, I take it with a pinch of salt.
Who says that even here, it’s not practising a backward ruling system?
They pose levies on news on non-official websites and bring down people who speak their minds in any form of media.
Always watching.
They’re doing well keeping it under covers until the past few years.

This was created when the song by Lupe Fiasco ft. Skylar Grey named Words I Never Said first came out early 2011.

If you’re wondering what’s under that girl, it’s a brain.
This is one of the 2 pieces I’ve made with a naked person in it.
You’ll find the other when I’d post it some day.
Only because the meaning of this is that a person is bring controlled inside out by those in control, mentioned in the last paragraph of the quote above.
We were taught of the rules since we were born.
Especially when we first entered school.



❤ Icesabel


8 thoughts on “So Loud Inside My Head

  1. “There was a long period of time when I was intrigued by people wearing masks and not speaking of the truth.”

    My old WordPress blog included a picture of me and of two of my tattoos, large masks on either shoulder. They are versions of the famous Comedy & Tragedy masks, only darker and I believe appropriately so. The masks resemble the wrinkled faces of old men and the ties are made of barbed wire instead of velvet. The Comedy mask has horns while the Tragedy mask has a crown of thorns and is weeping. I thought the symbolism to be very appropriate and over a decade later I still think they are appropriate.

    In 2009 I wrote a poem called ‘Soul (01110011011011110111010101101100)’ which can be found here ( I think you may find it interesting if you have even a small interest in poetry.

    • Sorry for being ignorant, but, what does those designs mean and what are you getting at?
      Kind of confused.

      The masks I was referring to was a symbol of how people tend to act or speak at any point in time. Not literal.
      That everyone is an actor in his own right and is being someone based on a situation, which is, as weird as it sounds, natural.
      That we may speak differently towards different people at different times, sometimes because we have to.
      In itself, that person is wearing different masks to cover his real self to blend into realism of the place and time.

  2. I dig it, also the dark theme. Totally blowing my brains out. Loving it.
    We al wear masks wanting to be like others. Tentacle spectacle of brain vibes controlling your every move and thought right? Losing them self in the process.
    I think the two so far are Psych. loving them.


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