Make a mess on the canvas

I’m going to start posting my art/design work (old and new) here, since, I’ve deleted my deviantart account (after 6 years).
Kinda stopped doing anything to do with art for a year or so.
Although, I don’t recall doing anything this year.
Except writing poems (I consider that as art as well), although, it should be more to literature.
But, people could post literature work like poems and stories there anyway.

I think I’ve lost some of my works because of the constant movement from one HDD to another, changing to too many computers and formatting, etc. though.
Oh heck… I’ve forgotten that I wrote a story on that account and didn’t make a copy.
Now that I’m reminded.
Haha.. it’s gone now.
The story is still in my head, but, it’s not as if I can rewrite it out as nicely as it was the first time round.


As a person who thinks too much and too deep, I love to write, stories and poems, sing and write songs, “manual” drawing and digital designing (not work-based).
I did them more “often” when I was younger because I allowed my emotions to flow uncontrollably.
But, after a major depression phase a few years back, I had to change my mode of thinking and lessened it.
I’d rather be happy and not create anything than the other way around.
But, not everything is based on negativity.
It’s just at its strongest point when it is.

Most, if not all, of my inspirations are based on music.
It can simply start from after a fateful event or some random song being played at that point of time.
Songs trigger my memory as quickly as the smell or feeling of certain things, like the rain or the wind.
But at times, the inspirations can come from the things that I do, like gaming.

I’m not like one of those blessed and born-talented people in the arts.
I have to work at it from the bottom to improve, so, I pretty much suck at a lot of things since I only do them when I have the inspiration.
Thus, I only start drawing or cropping up something when an inspiration sparks.
Also, since I was a perfectionist, not so much or often these few years, have kind of slacked off, if I’ve made a total mess halfway that cannot be saved, I’ll scrap it totally and just let it be.
So, not much improvements can be found there.

Alright… stop the talking and start the posting.
Will be adding an “Art” tag and category now.


❤ Icesabel


6 thoughts on “Make a mess on the canvas

  1. Oh looking forward to see those brain splashes hit a canvas. it is not about talents. Art comes from the heart. To who ever made it, it is always a master piece.
    And i hear you with the memories being triggred. ANd i write not to be triggered. Garbage bin knows how much I have thrown away in my life.

  2. Would definitely like to see your work 🙂 As far as the story which you have lost is concerned, I think everything happens for a reason and you will end up writing a better one 🙂


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