Favors and Toppers

I don’t know why the ladies are starting to “push” me to fix a date with a make-up artist, book a good Kadi quickly, choose and confirm on perfect decoration, bla bla bla…
Then, said I shouldn’t be a bridezilla, not that they said I was.
In fact, I couldn’t care less about anything.

Actually, I did do a lot of planning last year.
But, eventually, I gave up because it seemed like a huge load, therefore, I hired a planner instead.
I’m still going to have to do a lot of calls, selecting stuff, confirmations and whatever else that’s needed.

The following are already in the cost of my wedding package, but, if I do have the time and think that I’d prefer to add a dash of my “own touch”, I’d get these instead.

{ All images are from sellers in Etsy }



Alright.. the plan is to invite 1000 people.
Yeah.. that’s why I kind of gave up at calculating for the wedding. >_>
Well, not that I can avoid it though.
We’re splitting the cost 50-50, without our parents or whoever else chipping in.

Soap invaders
$0.50 per small piece.
These things are CUTE!

Pixel hearts
$0.50 per small piece.
8-bit + ❤



Cake Topper!

Between $90-200 for one set.

See any resemblance in the first 3?
Like IRL, he would often scold me for “eating” a game (whatever I’m into for that moment) day and night.
Ain’t nobody got time to eat food!!!
But, that would only happen when I’m on my gaming mode… anyway. ;…;




Unless, I go all out, and get the whole cake design. +_+
Which I doubt so, a cake topper on a simple cake would do just fine.
Ahhh yes… me = simplicity.

This last one is just so cute though ❤



Oh well… I’m just going to concentrate on the main stuff first.
These are just a bonus.

I’m tired.
Busy at work after a long weekend.
Why is there a bee flying around my room?
Ya know… I live on the 20th floor of an apartment.
He’s totally LOST!


❤ Icesabel


13 thoughts on “Favors and Toppers

  1. Loved the call of duty topper. Maybe it should have said F.E.A.R when dragged away whaha to cool Loving it
    And the cube cake your last, for a 1000 people imagine the pyramid made with those cakes.
    Dress code? Game character?

    • That kind of cake would look awesome but nah… A bit too extravagant for my taste. For the cake topper, we play a lot of FPS together but my fave would be FEAR3 where we’d take turns to be both brothers.
      Also, due to my culture and race, we don’t wear westernised dress codes. We have our own traditional clothes to wear during weddings and special occasions. But of course guests are free to wear what they want. 😀

  2. I have nothing positive to say about Call of Duty as a FPS player. Not a single thing. But those cake toppers…those cake toppers…yeah, fucking BRILLIANT! I’m not sure if that’s a game that you two play and is important to you, but if it is that’s all the more reason to celebrate that connexion on that special day. Couples that game together stay together and they stay strong together. ^.^

    • It is special to us. He’s a competitive gamer compared to me playing “seriously” but without monetary gain or glory. Oh yes, how can I forget him joining the mmorpg or fps I was playing a decade back just cause he wanted to court me to be his gf. Haha.. We could put any game image in that mini screen though. Now that you’ve said it that way, I might get one.

  3. This actually kind of scares me.
    I’m getting married in May. I’ve planned nothing yet. Tons that I want, just not the means. I’m hoping and praying things will work out exactly how they are supposed to. And hoping that yours is everything you want it to be!

    • Thanks. Well, you’d better start planning if you want something done up if you don’t already have some people helping you along the way! 🙂

      Btw, I read your blog. Congrats on the wedding and it does sound great having things work out well with everyone. So, it shows that things will be fine. Good luck!!


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