Eid al-Adha

This festival is a major festival for Muslims around the world.
Muslims perform the religious sacrifice to commemorate this act of supreme devotion to Allah and to share their blessings with the poor.

The day is celebrated to commemorate the sacrifice of Ishamel by Abraham.
According to the story in Quran, the religious book of the Muslims, Prophet Abraham was tested by God.
According to the story, about 4,000 years ago, the valley of Mecca was an uninhabited place.
After years of worship, Abraham and Hajra, his wife, were blessed with a son, whom they names Ishamel.
Thus, Ishamel became their most prized possession.
In order to test the devotion of Abraham, God decided to command Abraham to sacrifice his one and only son Abraham.
After much deliberation and many hindrances out forward by Satan, Abraham decided to sacrifice his son by placing him under the knife.
However, just before he was about to sacrifice his son, God appeared, happy with Abraham’s intentions.
Thus, Ishamel was saved from sacrifice and instead, a ram was sacrificed in his place.

On the first day of Aidil Adha, prayers are held at the mosque in the morning.
After the morning prayers, Muslims who have purchased animals for the ritual sacrifice will remain at the mosque to witness the korban.
Animals, such as sheep, goats and cows are slain in accordance with the proper religious rites, such that they suffer minimal pain.
The meat from the animals will be distributed to the poor and destitute.
Other portions will be retained by the individual who purchased the animal and shared with family, neighbours and friends.



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