Day Off

Since I had taken the day off today, I went to collect the Avatar Star soft toy that I had won earlier.

Had to wait for some time to get it, but, the people who worked there were ALL really friendly. =D
The guy who passed me the prize was pretty familiar, I suppose that’s because I did see him during the event.
Ticked my name off the list, which was misspelled. >_>
He then took my picture with the prize, apologised for taking a long time, opened the door and said good bye though.

Yeah… like I’ve said before, I’m giving this away since I already have the same one on the event day itself.

After that, I headed off to have lunch, did some window shopping and…. TEA TIME!
I love having Afternoon High Tea.
I rarely have it though, so, it’s usually a treat for me to have one.

I had The Connoisseur Concerto’s Halloween-themed High Tea set.
Wasn’t as nice as their high tea set that I last had a few months back.
Ahhh… 6 months back to be exact… got the pictures. Heh~
But, it was a cute set nonetheless.

Was randomly browsing on my ipad when I saw pretty pictures of girls with red hair.
Ummm.. yeah.. I promised myself that I won’t have my hair dyed until my wedding next year.
‘Cause I was planning to outgrow my hair to get my natural dark hair back, but, I can’t help it.
I think I’m addicted to having my hair coloured.
Denying every bit of that fact for years.

Googled for the mall directory to find a hair saloon and found this.
La Coco – Korean Hair Salon
The hairdresser who attended to me is a Korean guy…
Actually, there are 3 Korean hairdressers working in that saloon.
They even employed a Korean-English interpreter to translate between the hairdresser and the client.
They’ve had more than a decade of experience in Gangnam, Seoul and came here to open a salon in Singapore.
If you want your hair styled like a Korean by a Korean XD then, maybe you can give this place a try!

Anyway, got my hair cut and with a temporary curl (using the hair straightener) which I didn’t ask for, but, am thankful for and it’s nice anyway.

Alright… time to get some rest.
Enjoy the song ❤


Ok.. gonna do this once.
Me singing
(an Indo song, so, most of you won’t be able to understand what I’m singing anyway.. lol). ♪(┌・。・)┌
Don’t mind it being not perfect. XP
Can’t embed this.. so.. gotta go to the link itself.


❤ Icesabel


3 thoughts on “Day Off

  1. Ha ha have to wait for prize and then its bye bye after apologizing for taking so long. oops sorry here you go, click, bye bye. And i am a sucker for the crimson red hair and blue eyes. But you had a nice day off though. thanks for sharing 😉


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