Give this version a listen even if you hate her.


3 thoughts on “Wreck

  1. I decided to watch both the regular video of the song and the Director’s Version. Both are incredibly well done and both do the song justice.

    From, at least, Generation X in the United States the behaviour Miley is singing about and the behaviour demonstrated in the visual metaphors has been accepted behaviour. I could unpack the metaphors and I would very much like to…but for a great many people there isn’t a point. The focus is purely on the fact that she’s naked and not a thought given to (1) how she is naked, (2) where and with what, (3) what that symbolises and (4) why it’s a good symbol.

    • People go into phases in their lives, whether good or bad, which can sometimes be based on what society expects or perceive it to be.

      It doesn’t really matter what these famous people do (well, since it doesn’t affect me anyway), but, I do appreciate good music writing and voice when one comes along.


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