What? You can cook?

I was brought up by my Indonesian grandparents (my mum’s parents).
So, the food are really spicy and always made from fresh, good and healthy ingredients.
I loved to follow my grandma to the wet market and watch her bargain and select the items.
Sometimes, I would tiptoe and reach up the wet metallic tables and try to pry open to see the gills of a random fish and pretended that I knew which was fresh and delicious.
The smell of meat and fish would linger as I would step on small puddles of water on the broken tiled floor.
Middle-aged men and women with big smiles would greet us as we browsed on.

I can’t live without meat.
My metabolism would just eat away my energy if I don’t have them and I’d be in a shaking frenzy if I didn’t eat properly.
*Unless I’m having a case of gaming addiction period*

I’ve known extremely self-concious health peeps who’d only eat organic food or just vegetables or trying to go for an extreme diet.
Ok… I do apologise that I am unable to know how it is to be on the other end, but, I don’t believe that controlling everything will be of much benefit.
My great grandma lived until she was in her 90s, she was stronger than my grandparents and she would visit us often.
My grandpa lived to his 80s, my grandma is still around and my mum is already in her 60s.
Live your life and live it well.
Enjoy the food of what life has given.
I’m not saying that you’d have to gorge yourself to death on oily and processed food.
Eat, exercise and well, pretty much do everything in moderation.

Unfortunately, the food that is sold nowadays are mostly already processed in such a way that they’re filled with “rubbish”.
So, it does cause the lifespan of people to shorten.
Not forgetting the other aspects such as pollution and inhaling of nicotine whether you’re a smoker or a passive non-smoker and whatnot.

Anyway, because I was brought up like so, I would help my grandma to cook or just watch her while she worked her magic.
People would slowly later learned that I’d appreciate good food and is able to differentiate between delicious dishes from ones which are just average.

My grandma would always say a spoon or a pinch “to taste”.
I would always ask straight away, how much is that?
She never replies me though.
But I love to taste and see the food, so, guesswork on what is in the dish is a fun game for me.

When I moved to my parents’ place in my mid teens, I started to hate cooking.

My mum rarely cooks because she was working shifts as a nurse for more than 40 years.
Now that she has retired and the rest of us are all grown up and none are rarely at home, she still rarely cook.

At first, I would randomly cook for my family, when I did have the mood, but, I always thought that I was bad at it until I finally stopped.
So, people thought that I couldn’t cook and I wouldn’t bother to defend myself because I was so pessimistic about myself.

Now that the location of my workplace is far from anywhere that sells food, we would bring our own lunch.
I’m tired of ready-cooked food that are bought on the way to work.

So, I bought myself a pot and ingredients to work and place them in the work fridge and cook my own lunch.
EVERYONE was surprised I could cook.
Not sure if that was an insult from their end.
As if their generation were the last who could do so.
Although, it is true that the younger generation couldn’t do simple dishes, but, considering that a lot of kids aren’t even close to their parents to learn the skills.
Unless, they find a liking to cooking.
Most would just hang out and eat out with their friends.
Money is easier to obtain from their parents.

Then again, all of us 4 siblings can cook even though I’m the only one who loves to watch my grandma cook.
My older brother can really cook, his stuff are always so delish.
My younger bro isn’t half as bad.
My sis is more of a baker than a cook though.
I suck at baking.. really horrible.
Hard, burnt cookies or cakes or brownies.
Yet, when I’m making them with my grandma, they turn out perfect and our relatives would usually ask us to make for them during festive seasons.
My grandma wouldn’t allow any of my other siblings or even aunts or my own mum to help.

I still hate cooking.
But, I was told that, eventually, I’ll start loving it again.
Especially when I have my very own family.
We’ll see how that goes.


❤ Icesabel


8 thoughts on “What? You can cook?

  1. Cooking is like writing poetry it is done with heart and feeling try it sometime. Ooh god food talk. i should stop before water streams from my mouth. Love to cook things up try new recipes i find. Oh and yes need meat to. Oh damn i start to sound like a junkie. sorry
    Love the post.

  2. cooking, I too spent many a year in the kitchen with my grandparents whom raised me for a great portion of my life. I love to cook, my brothers as well. some would even say that we are pretty good. The youngest brother is actually a chef in LA. and I cook from scratch 99% of the time. Have a great day.


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