Giveaway: Strife Closed Beta Keys – ENDED 19 OCT!

Please do take note that this has already been CLOSED since 19th October!!!!!!!
I’m in no way afflicted with them and it’s not as though I can freely get keys at any point in time, so, I’d appreciate if you can understand this.
Please do not spam with comments and your emails as this isn’t an advert site for you to do so (I do not see why I should approve those).
I’m sure S2 Games will be more than happy to have you as their customer and a Strife-player in the future, so, please be patient.

Strife’s Official Website

Strife’s Official Forum Thread

Strife is an upcoming multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed by S2 Games.
This is S2 Games’ second MOBA game aimed for more casual player base than Heroes of Newerth.
Most notably incorporating various gameplay elements that focus on heavily reducing player toxicity and introducing persistent mechanics outside of the arena, including Pets and Crafting.

Review from Joystiq’s Massively

Review from Polygon

Sorry… can’t talk much about it ’cause I don’t like playing MOBA games. ♪(┌・。・)┌
But, that doesn’t mean that I’ll shut myself off from sharing something with you. ❤


If you’re a MOBA fan or just wants to try your hands on it, all you’ll need to do is tell me…

Why do you love MOBA games?
Which aspect about it do you enjoy?
Feel free to elaborate!!!

Any MOBA game that you’ve tried!
DOTA (2), League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, Bloodline Champions, Primeworld, etc, take your pick.
Or talk about them in general.

Hehe.. no one liners kind of comments.. it’ll just reflect on how much you “love” it.


If you’ve never played a MOBA game, then, tell me…

What makes you want to try out Strife?
Why did you not ever tried playing (at the very least) a free-to-play MOBA game available out there? *just curious :P*
Feel free to rant on!!

Keeping in mind that Strife is also aimed for those who are just starting to thread into the MOBA genre.
I won’t discriminate.

The top best comments will receive a key.
At this point, I’m giving away 5 keys, as I would like to share the rest of the keys to my irl gaming friends.
But, should I be able to get more, I’ll update on this.

I do not know when the CBT will start though.
So, I’ll keep this open for 2 weeks.
Thus, the closing date will be 19th October 2013!


Update: 10th October 2013
Hi gamers ❤
I’ll be changing this from 4 weeks down to 2 weeks, as it seemed too long a time frame.
Also, I’ll be adding 4 more keys, so, there will now be 9 keys to be given away.

Good luck!

Also, if you don’t already know, the team is still going on their tour in giving away free beta keys in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia!


Update: 19th October 2013
Hi gamers ❤
Here are the winners!
Денис Мастеров
Andre Paul
John Sosmeña

It was tough to bring it down to this as there were a lot of good comments!!!
Truly… thank you ALL for joining!


❤ Icesabel


36 thoughts on “Giveaway: Strife Closed Beta Keys – ENDED 19 OCT!

  1. Loving mobas since Heroes of newerth, that was the first moba i ever played. Had to learn much about the genre, but the more u get into to it the more u will love the genre. Its actionpacked teamplay thats what makes it so fun to play. U have to work together with ur teammates to win. The only thing i hate is the toxicity in the genre. Everyone thinks he is superior. Hope strife is doing something against this with its karma system and the gold splitting in the laneing phase. Rly looking forward to this game. Greetz lui

  2. Why do you love MOBA games?
    -There is so many elements the comes into play when playing MOBA games. I think that the skill involved in playing is what makes me love MOBA games.
    Which aspect about it do you enjoy?
    -That the aspect of teamplay plays an important role on winning the game. Just the idea of 5 strangers cooperating to achieve a certain goal is really astounding.

  3. Why do you love MOBA games?
    I love moba game because they’re the best part of the video games I’ve come to enjoy. Think about it, it’s like playing battlegrounds on an mmorpg while simultaneously not having to grind all the way to max to enjoy it. Instant anytime fun! It’s literally so legit to pop on for 45 minutes and dominate your lane enemy and just pull off sweet combos. Legiticus for sure.
    Which aspect about it do you enjoy?
    I like the fact that the round restarts every time and every one is level 1 again. That literally evens the playing field all the way around. Like, it’s all about pro legit pro pro skills and if you can outplay your enemy, best time ever!

  4. why do i love Moba games..
    well it all started with dota. starting off as a noob is very annoying so i didnt get into it until HoN was introduced to me by some of my close friends. i love the fact that moba games are designed to be team oriented and competitive. A recreational game that i can use to bond with friends and have some fun

  5. Why do you love MOBA games?
    -Since I have a lot of experience playing in the league of legends. I can say that I love MOBA games for them not predictable, every game is not repeatable. With a unique teamplay, move the map. In MOBA can not take and win the game yourself, you need some commands. The better you are, the better the players with whom you play. Every player wants to find a high level and make something of themselves in the game. And it’s really cool. That’s why I love MOBA games.

  6. I won’t write too much… I tried the first MOVA game in 7 years…
    then it was pleasant to me because I was a child. over time I
    began game in dota and then in appearing games… in these
    games I like that that people play together and help each other…

  7. My love for MOBA woke up in the times of dawn DOta all Stars. Since then I have spent a lot of time on the fun with this genre of games, but now my favorite genre. A very long time I have followed the development of this genre, after 7 years of continuous gameplay I came across a video link and Hon fell in love at first sight and it.
     It was all a lot of what I was missing in DOTA
    I did everything that would go to the closed beta test. After all this time, Hon exhausted everything to me then that I had fun playing it, to me it just became annoying. I played a bit in the Legue of-Legends.Now for my shoulders for more than 10 years of experience MOBA!
    And what I see now 🙂 New in the MOBA genre is good symbiosis all the best and even on my favorite engine, Hon. I realized that this is definitely my new love.

    P.S. I’m sorry for my english

  8. Why do you love MOBA games?
    -I love MOBA simply because it gives you the adrenaline rush everytime you ran into an enemy and it’s very competetive and most importantly.. it is FUN! Most of the time I play MOBA to release my stress, since DOTA 2 is more complicated, after losing games in a row and becoming more stressed, I would jump into less complicated/unforgiving game w/c is LOL. I have played HoN too since the Closed Beta and I like the unique-ness of the characters and they almost made it better than the old Dota All stars. So i am really looking forward to have an access to this new game of S2 and i’m really excited just seeing the gameplay.

    Which aspect about it do you enjoy?
    -One aspect I enjoy is the unique features of the game, like skins, customization of skills etc. I’ve seen Strife has pets and it really looks cool, especially the customization of Champions’ colors and items before playing the game. Just simple features like that and seeing your character being unique really makes me happy and make the game more fun and addicting!

  9. Why do you love MOBA games?
    I am crazy about MOBA genre cause i love the competition it provides to players and all this being competitive and strive to win the oposite team and everytime you kill a opposite team hero you shout “Hell yeah” and even tho you don’t know your team mebers you still help them and all of you together win or lose.That’s what i love on MOBA genre games.
    Which aspect about it do you enjoy?
    I love 2 aspects of the game.The first one is that you need to be co-operative to enjoy the game to the fullest and win the oposite team which by the way strife makes it so much better on this aspect with the gold sharing thingy and the second aspect would be the tours,i just love to train with a team for months and then give it the best to a tour no matter if you win or lose it still means a lot to strive with your team agains strangers.

  10. I fell in love with the Moba-genre after i started playing Dota-Allstars. It was pretty hard to begin with but a fun game to play with friends. After Dota i played many other Mobas like: League of Legens, Heroes of Newerth..and finally im stuck with Dota 2 now 😀

    I’ve played HoN for a long time and it was the best Moba so far, just the community was the biggest problem..really toxic after some years.

    S2 are going to make a really good Moba with Strife and if they are able to get a better community and overall a better gameplay for beginners, this could be my new Moba and i really want to play the Beta 🙂

  11. Hi, I started playing moba games ever since the original dota, as many would say old school XD, originally played because of my friends since it was fun to play and a different concept back in the day. Before I realized I fell in love with the genre but I was never too excited about the dota graphics. When I first heard about the close beta of Heroes of Newerth I was really excited, so much that I played a minimum of 70 hours a week, and I would dedicate a lot of those hours into helping new players understand the game and get better, since I enjoyed playing with people that were cool even if they were new rather than ragers that were a bit better in skill. Four months ago my friends started playing League of Legends and kinda made me play with them too, and although is a fun game I can’t help but want to try to play something new and exciting. In summary I love Moba games and have dedicated a big part of my life not only on playing them but helping the community get better for new players, and I would really love to be part of this new game, especially since I know what S2 is capable of and I’m sure they are most likely gonna surprise everyone with this new game. The aspect im more interesting on is that they are trying to focus on giving players a reason to help their own team instead of fighting among them like it usually happens, also the idea of being part of something new as is developing is just mind blowing in my own experience. Wish everyone luck and thank you for taking your time to read this.

  12. I love all moba games. They just provide a unique experience that no other kind of game can offer. You can play as a different person every game, experiment, read lore, and play with friends. It is truly a great experience

  13. MOBAs have been a good escape for me after my wife and kids left. Time can go by fat or slow. When your on a “team” it’s great. Everyone working together to accomplish a goal like playing baseball, football, hockey, etc. That’s what makes it fun. There’s a lot of self players as of late which gradually gets worse over time instead of having teammates you have “big heads”. Thinking Strife will make MOBAs a team game again. The idea that everyone gains together and losses together as a whole is the aspect I loved so much with the MOBA concept and as someone that played sports and joined the military and always thinking of team and how can we better each other. I see this is the idea behind Strife and can’t wait.

  14. Why do you love MOBA games?
    They can be somewhat difficult to get into, but they are also incredibly rewarding. Once you learn the basics they become addictive. Whether it be your desire to improve or wanting to try out every hero, the unpredictability and competitiveness, or even the connection you build with the characters, there’s always something drawing you towards them.

    Which aspect about it do you enjoy?
    These games are always most enjoyable when you have 4 friends with you who know what they’re doing. What’s appealing about Strife is that they’re making it easier to understand the basics, so players begin to truly enjoy the gamestyle much easier than other games. With more people being able to jump in, it means players who are more experienced will be able to queue with their friends and not have to worry about them lop-siding the game

  15. Why do you love MOBA games?

    I enjoy the aspect of being in a team, and playing a role I am accustomed to. I also enjoy playing to WIN and teach other players the basics of the game. I have been playing the MOBA Genre for at least 7 years now ever since WC3: TFT’s Dota Expansion Map, and from then on, I really loved MOBAs Especially STRIFE since it will be The Second Generation MOBA of Today.

    Which aspect about it do you enjoy?

    Teamwork. Because Teamwork wins games. Each hero has a specific role and specialties and when 5 of them are combined with prowess and coordination and cooperation, nothing can stop them from dominating the game with teamwork.

  16. Ever since my first game Defense of The Ancients (DoTA) nearly 8 years ago, MOBA games have always played a definitive part in my gaming experience. Dexterity, quick thinking- the speed of the human mind to deduce situations and adapting to new circumstances to squeeze out a win has always been something that I admire in gaming. Knowing that S2 has brought that into a completely different playing field in Heroes of Newerth (HoN) with its seriousness and difficulty, I do believe MOBA games make you a better thinker. Of course, apart from the skill and dexterity you gain by honing your talents in it lies the enjoyment, and I believe with STRIFE’s new atmosphere, MOBA gaming /will/ change- for the best. A new dynamic field of interaction that compels you to think in a different light will give it the edge it needs to stay afloat against the other famous MOBA games such as DoTA2 and League of Legends (LoL). STRIFE’s new playing field will definitely bring a new flavor and touch to my gaming experience, as I know it will open my eyes to different strategies and perspectives on how I see MOBA- as an evolution of gaming art and mental dexterity.

    Out of all the aspects MOBA has to offer, I do believe it’s the the synergy and community of the game that makes it so much more appealing. The thrill of knowing how your teammates work and how well you play together is one thing, but the vast communities of clans, clan wars and alliances within the game make it infinitely more interesting. The stakes of pride riding along with the skill of the fingers, many may think that MOBA gaming is merely just a simple, one goal game but in truth, it is the reach to its invisible audiences and new connections that make the game so much more appealing than what it already is.

  17. Why do you love MOBA games?
    My first MOBA is the DotA All Stars, second MOBA is the Heroes of newerth, my Thirst MOBA is The DOTA2. I LIKE the MOBA game because it’s funny! I like play with frends and PVP.

  18. Which aspect about it do you enjoy?
    PVP naturally. purchase of items and their assembly, epic battle.Speed ​​perform certain maneuvers that the enemy was killed and its own character remained intact

  19. I started playing MOBAs with DoTA 2 and I really like the game, then a couple of weeks later my friends wanted me to start playing LoL with them, so I started that up to. I’ve been playing both games for the past year now (starting in January) and I’ve loved both of them. I want to start playing Strife because I’ve heard about whats its doing, having more gank oriented games, no wards, sharing gold, and a more casual experience. Having less pressure from the community in general and taking a break from things like ranked games would help me keep my enjoyment with the MOBA genre by playing Strife.

  20. Why do you love MOBA games?
    I like moba games because they’re the best part of the video games I’ve come to enjoy. Think about it, it’s like playing battlegrounds on a mmorpg while simultaneously not having to grind all the way to max to enjoy it. Instant anytime fun! It’s literally so legit to pop on for 45 minutes and dominate your lane enemy and just pull off sweet combos. Legiticus for sure.
    Which aspect about it do you enjoy?
    I like the fact that the round restarts every time and every one is level 1 again. That literally evens the playing field all the way around. Like, it’s all about pro legit pro pro skills and if you can outplay your enemy, best time ever!

  21. I’ve started playing MOBA games beginning with DotA 1, I was introduced by my god brother. Eventually I got pulled into their group and played along with them and learnt all about the different heroes, skills and items. Ever since then I’ve tried HoN, which was S2’s first MOBA game. And then recently, DotA 2.

    What I really love about MOBA games and the reason I will never get bores of them unlike most MMOs that I play us because of the ever changing games. Every game is different. Different heroes, different opponents, different gameplay. First game you can be playing a support and the next game you can be playing the carry/tanker. And even when you’ve played every single hero there is, you can still try the heroes out with a different set of items! Depending on the items you can make a support into a killer as well. Not just individually, you can even try different strategies each game if you’re playing with your buddies. This makes the game limitless, it’s all up to your imagination to create the next most popular meta gameplay.

    I’ve read about Strife’s new karma system as well as pets and stuff, which sounds a lot like an MMO, but they’re incorporating it into a MOBA. This makes Strife very interesting. I’ve been an avid HoN gamer all these while so I’m really excited to tryout S2’s new production.

    • I love mobas cause they r competitive.It s all about who is better, faster, luckier and smarter.I want to play strife cause it shows new elements that can make the moba genre even more competitive (pets,crafting system etc.)

  22. I love playing moba games because you can always improve and they combine action strategie and fun , ive played dota dota 2 league of legends and am praaaaying that i get a strife key

  23. Can’t believe I missed the competition by a few hours 😦 I love playing moba games because it relaxes me and it keeps your brain active in a fun way.

  24. Moba games are awesome and great for the fact you can hop in play a couple games nothing like 3 hours in a raid and questing. It’s up to you to keep calm and have a cool head and have great team work. I started slow into Moba games, My brothers got me into it (LoL) that is the one that sealed the deal. I played Bloodline Champions and DOTA, which I was big into Warcraft however never did that well. With MOBA you can change a build or Character and try something new. If it doesn’t work you can try again in 15-20 and learn from what you did wrong/right. I have gotten my friends and co-workers into MOBA and they love it. That’s why I love MOBA ANYONE CAN PLAY/LEARN!!! I liked HoN but the players were to ANGRY or Unfriendly. LoL is great because it helps you work together which seems like Strife is doing with the global gold. I would love a beta key to try it.

    • Hi! ^_^ Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, unfortunately, maybe you’ve missed out on the closing date in this post, which was on 19th Oct. >_<

      But if I do have extra keys later on, I might randomly give to one of you who entered. Thanks again. ❤

  25. I have never played a MOBA game before but i´d love to try this. Strife seems like a game that is easier to understand and learn than the other MOBA games. I have also heard from friends that people are really toxic and that it won´t be the same in Strife which made me very interested since I don´t want people to be mean to me when I´m new and probobly not the best. I also fell for the graphic, this game seems to be very “chill” to play and enjoyful. The main reason I haven´t played any other MOBA games I because the seemed quite hard to get on a high level if you started to play late. So with Strife I´d like to start play as soon as possible ( hopefully already in beta ) and really try to learn it fast so I get the chance to reach high levels. I would be really happy if you gave me the chance to try hard 😀 Again this game seems awesome ❤

    • Hello there 🙂 I really appreciate that you took the time to write a long post on this! But, I’m so sorry that the closing date was 19th Oct. If I do have extra keys later, I’ll randomly select someone who has commented. Thank you again ^_^ ❤


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