2013 Campus Game Fest

Campus Game Fest is held between 4th – 6th Oct 2013, 10am – 7pm, at Blk F, Lv 4, ITE College Central (Ang Mo Kio).

Website : Campus Game Fest
Website : ComicFest 2013

A new MOBA game will be launched.

‘STRIFE’ game is developed by the US S2 Games.
This game launch will be accompanied by a simultaneous launch of 2 editions of a comic book, both based on the game content, but, drawn in two different styles.

Website: Strife

I’ve got a couple of CBT keys to giveaway later. ❤

I had to take a picture with Mr Wee Tian Beng in order to win a Strife plushie during a giveaway. XD

The US edition is by the creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Asia edition is by our very own veteran local comic artist, Mr Wee Tian Beng.
The original concept art by these two veteran artists will be exhibited at Campus Game Fest.
Signed preview copies of these comics will also be available, and public can also try out demos of the game.

Unfortunately, this event wasn’t widely known to most gamers, my friends and I were there until 8pm for the Counterstrike Global Offensive competition.
It was pretty empty by then, no one seemed to care about the BYOC/D.

The inaugural Campus Game Fest promises to be the largest LAN (Local Area Network) and BYOC/D (Bring Your Own Computer/Device) party ever organised in Singapore.
Participants will get to take part in professional and ad-hoc flash-tournaments, attend related workshops and experience comic artists in action amongst many other activities.
More than 1000 party attendees will be accessing the internet on both wired and wireless connections via their computers and mobile devices.
Members of public will be invited to take part in various social game challenges on their mobile devices and watch webcasted e-Sports tournaments.

DoTA 2 championships will be held live, with attendance from top teams.
Singapore qualifier for the Asian Cyber Games 2013.

My Avatar Star Plushie ❤
Only played and won 2 games though.

If ONLY we knew there was an Avatar Star competition, but, not until we were there.
But, we played a FFA game and we got Steel Series mouse, mousepads, caps… and me… a plushie!!! ❤


Other events.
Sorry…. I didn’t go to the comic section to take pictures.

Yup… the other racoon-ish plushie is Strife’s mascot plushie. ❤

We left at around 8pm before heading to town to have dinner and then catch a midnight movie called Gravity (which I would love to talk about next time).

The event is still on until Sunday.
There are a lot of freebies and games to try out if you’re in Singapore… heh~

Too tired to talk about anything in detail.
It’s bedtime for me now.



❤ Icesabel


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