Trial Wed Makeup

For the longest time, I hate thick make-up.
Not only because it will discard every natural self of the person, but, oh… well… I have very sensitive skin.
So, I’d just have a horrible breakout that will last for months if I’m not careful with my skin regime or when using new products that my skin “eventually” hates.

For many years, I’ve been seeing girls on their wedding day looking like clowns. * really sorry, but, it’s a fact 😦 *
Yes, I have a phobia that I might get the wrong make-up artist, who’d just make me look like one as well.
My wedding planner texted me a few days ago asking if I’d like to go for a wedding make-up trial and only yesterday could they fix a date with me.
I was feeling very uneasy.
It didn’t turn out so bad.

I might take him up after I try going for one or two more trials with other make-up artists.
Yes, he’s a guy.
No idea why.. but, I’ve always had this notion that guys tend to do better than girls in a lot of things.
But that does not mean that I will not stand strong with being treated equally if the level of skills and the same amount of energy and work put in are on par.




❤ Icesabel


9 thoughts on “Trial Wed Makeup

  1. Very cool. Just curious…have you tried Tea Tree oil extract face lotion? I find it’s pretty good for clearer skin in shorter time than regular facial moisturisers, which tend to give that ‘super shiny’ effect.

    • It actually aggravates my skin, I’ve tried a couple of stuff with that, including one that’s in its original form.
      The sensitivity level of my skin (everywhere, not just my face) is very high.
      The problem only lies when I get lazy to follow my daily regime (*coughs* when I’m gaming non-stop) or when I just want to try new make-up or some face or body wash or cream and whatnot.
      Even some shampoos and all hair conditioners are a huge no-no else my arms, back, chest and legs get into a breakout as well and those take even longer than my face to heal.
      What have I not tried anyway. +_+
      It’s fine though… everyone has their physical flaws and this is one of mine.

      • Whoa! I can only applaud your efforts with makeup all the more, and congratulate you. Too true, indeed.


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