Daily Prompt: We Can Be Taught!

Daily Prompt: We Can Be Taught!.

What makes a teacher great?



A lot of things!!!

You meet different types of teachers in your lifetime.
Not just those you meet while you were in school, but, also those you look up to at work, with friends, family members, guardians, even strangers or famous figures (dead or alive).

They go by different names as well.
Instructor, mentor, tutor, lecturer, professor, coach, guru… etc.

The notable ones are those whom you admire, love and respect for whatever possible reason.
They may or may not be there to guide you directly.
It could simply be based on what you learn from the facts of their actions and words of wisdom.

Not all of them would go all out to share everything with the world.
They may be quiet, but, would spare a precious advice made specially for you when you need it the most.
They give you strength and confidence.
They are your invincible pillars to rely on.
They may not be the most perfect person as with other humans who err, but, in your eyes, they shine the brightest.

It’s not about idolism.
It’s about looking up to someone and take features of what you learn from them and put them into practice in your own life.
Then, it becomes a choice for you to pass it down in time to come.

A teacher knows no boundaries, but, even then, they know their limits and is able to see that line where they should not cross.
It does not mean that they will not cross that line to achieve what they vision things to be.
That differentiates a special teacher from an average one.

There is no age limit.
They may be as young as a 2 year old or as old as a 92 year old.
You learn what you do not have knowledge of in the first place.
A 1 year old can teach you the meaning of peace compared to a 31 year old who postulates violence.

Some teachers never know that they are one.
They share their knowledge without asking for anything in return.
They love what they do, sometimes, without knowing that others appreciate it.
It doesn’t matter to them that they don’t know because it IS them to do what they do.
They carry on to give and give and give.
Whether you receive and reciprocate.

One who will always be remembered throughout the years even after they are gone.


❤ Icesabel



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