Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs.

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?


Life without a computer?
Now, is it supposed to have wiped out the existence of computers or is it supposed to be taking away the computer from me for a day/week/month/year?

If it was the fore… then…
I wouldn’t be the person that I am right now.
I wouldn’t be working or living the life that I have.
Every single thing comes back to the roots of computers.
I touched my first computer in the 90s when I was in Primary School…
Became a gamer since I was a kid (secretly because back then nerds/geeks and girls who game are looked down upon)…
Took up IT certifications with less than 5% of them who are girls around me (in tertiary and later for other classes)…
Last, but not least, now, work in a man’s field.
It’s pretty obvious that everything in my life revolved around computers.
If it was taken away from me, then most of life would’ve been wiped out.

I got to know a whole lot of people online and things would definitely have been different if I hadn’t known them.
To learn lessons from the bad that I had to face around them or from the nice memories that I was presented with.
I wouldn’t have met a few of my exs or even my current other half now.

I think this picture was taken either in 2001 or 2002.

But if computers were never introduced to me or maybe, don’t exist, then, I would’ve tried to realise my other dreams.
I wanted to be an entrepreneur, a musician, a sportswoman.. I wanted to be anything I knew existed.
Haha.. funny me.
Just typical me wanting to do everything and anything because I get bored easily.
I wasn’t just gaming when I was young.
I tried everything from sports to music to arts to literature… not just casually, but, competitively to win or be recognised for doing well in it.
Not for anyone, but, to fill the void in my life (where my strict mum actually do not allow me to do anything other than studying, although, she doesn’t force me to get good grades).
That was why everything I did, the naive me thought I wanted it to be my lifelong career.
A bit to the side of a perfectionist, but, not to the extreme of having OCD or wanting to always win or be on top in something.
Just… sometimes… heh.
I still like things in order, but, I tend to give and take my and anything else’s imperfections. >_<

This picture was taken in 2005 at a LAN shop/Cyber cafe.

But, if it was taken away from me for a month, I wouldn’t really mind either.
I’ve been on hiatus from computers for months many times in my life.
As much as it’s an integral part of my life, I loathe it for the problems that may arise from its usage.
I’d probably just do the things that I love to do when I’m not on my technologically-inclined mood/phase.
Reading books, going out to the beach to relax, swim, cycle or just lazing around and manually draw with my pencils and paper or even write random things.. may they be poems or short stories.

As much as me being a techie, I can actually live without a smartphone, except that I wouldn’t be able to find a public phone anywhere nowadays and that I’m horrible at remembering people’s numbers.
I pretty much rarely logon to any social platforms except wanting to vent out my thoughts and whatnot in my blog.
So, I wouldn’t be missing much anyway.
I’d probably start writing in a diary (booklet) again… hahahaha… yeah.. I’m one of those girls who write in a diary when I was young.
Still got some of them… I did threw away one or two, I think.
So, on the contrary, I can be pretty old-school.

But, I wouldn’t go to the extend of saying that I want to live without technology.


❤ Icesabel


5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

  1. The life span of a direction we go is short lived due to to much on the mind or its boring. To much we want to try do and succeed in. But have to say that technology sometimes stands in the way of learning more new things.
    Computers do not define who you are by the way. With or with out it is still you.
    This month a book came out by a Dutch fellow who didn’t use a computer or phone for a year and wrote about his findings
    It is why I started writing again it seems to calm me down.

    • I would agree with you with some of that.

      It would probably not define most people, but, it does define me because I practically lived and work with computers as far as I can remember…
      And computer gaming was my haven, many times, when I needed that extra space from reality (aka irl problems) which did partially help me out in my depression years back.
      Also, if computers.. well, inclusive of internet.. wasn’t around to begin with, I wouldn’t be who I am right now because of the people I got to know along the years.
      If they hadn’t influence, teach me lessons and directly or indirectly change me, then, I wouldn’t be the current me.
      Maybe I would’ve been more brash or unthoughtful or horrible than I am right now… who knows.
      But, it could turn out the opposite just as well, though.


      • I relate to the gaming. from early days. damn tapes, those flapping floppies, game consoles imported to be first :D. I think i was what people those days would call a geek.
        And change comes from within because you wanted it.
        And for below. we do depend to much on our phones/gadgets it is lonely with out a phone.

  2. This is a really interesting prompt, especially for generations younger than ours that grew up not only with a computer but hi-speed internet, readily available wireless internet, smart phones, all of Apple’s iStuff, et cetera. I think I’ll take up responding to this idea on my own blog.

    “I would’ve tried to realise my other dreams[,]” is a very good way to look at it and adjust. A surprising amount of people seem to be thoroughly one-dimensional and if their ‘thing’ was taken away they wouldn’t know what to do. Being someone of multiple interests and talents, while coming with its own issues (like having to push aside some completely to focus on others), seems to me to be the better route.

    • I’d like to hear your views on this.
      When I ask my friends of a later generation (done so many times in the past), they do admit that they’re unable to function as per normal if they were to forget to bring their phones around.
      Actually, not only the younger kids, but, even those from my own generation.
      People adapted to the fact that they have “everything” on hand that they depend on it too much.


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