This Love

Sami Beigi – In Eshghe

Once again your heart beats to my song
In your loneliness, you hear the whispers of my song
Your whole life is being filled with gloom
Wherever you go, you will see me, but, you cannot be with me
You will miss me and you will not be able to accept this as reality
You destroyed everything, you did it by yourself
You made it difficult for me to leave you
My beauty, why are your beautiful eyes in tears again

Now tell me, who can make you happy, laugh with you and die for you
Whose hands do you hold at night, yes, I am not with you, but, my memories will stay with you
This love is within you and you heart is restless and is searching for me

You say that you want to have a better life, but, you can’t let go that easily
Despite you belonging to another person, you’d call out my name and look as though you still long for me
I was with you until my time was up, you still did not know what you wanted, although, I had provided everything for you
All of our promises are just a memory now, you were my life, but, you’ve now become a memory


Haha… I have no idea how this was translated.
Sorry if I got it wrong.


❤ Icesabel



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