Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb me… unless it’s urgent.

I wish I had placed that sign up today.
Got a terrible migraine the whole day.
My mind couldn’t function as quick as it normally would.
The only reason why I still stayed on is because of an event the regional directors were having.

Others were going to me about this and that non-stop for the whole week about other stuff too.
Dead tired and sick this week and they bother me like there’s no tomorrow.

But, today was particularly bad because it felt as though my brain is being squeezed to death.
Still feels like so.



This part… I’m just frustrated and I need to vent it out.

I don’t really mind the normal workflow.
What I’m pissed is this one person who is pressing me for something.
This isn’t the first time she’s doing so, but, for a different thing.
I got pissed for the first one, that, eventually, the manager who was asking her to do that something told her to chill and wait.
It got pretty obvious that she was pushing it and I didn’t even need to say anything.

Come on… I got your email.
You don’t need to come to me asking if I saw your email (an hour after receiving the email).

In my book of  rules at work, I do not care whether you’re of a high or low post.
I also do not care if you think that your department “deserves” more attention than the rest.
If I deem yours to be of more importance, I’ll do it first.

She definitely doesn’t think that I have a long list of to-do and hers is plainly simple to see that it can be held back for a while.
Plus, I’ve just gotten her request hours back… compared to those who have already asked much earlier.
She needs to learn to be more patient.

I’d probably burst out and lash out at her if she does this one more time.
I’d try to hold back, but, I’ve got a feeling I might do so.
One thing I hate is someone thinking that they’re or their work is more important than anyone else’s.

In addition to that, the more you push me, the more I will put yours right at the back.

Maybe ’cause she’s still fairly new.
She joined a few months back, but, rarely speaks to anyone.
Everyone else would just leave me to it and it gets done in an instant.
I don’t know why, but, I just get annoyed at people doing anything similar to this.
Or even worse, telling me what to do as if I don’t even know my job.

I think I can get quite mean..
If someone thinks they’re a smart alec and I get annoyed over it, I’ll make sure s/he rectifies the problem her/himself
Or just let them blabber by themselves while I switch off my brain and just daydream and stare or look around while they talk.
Well, at least, I’m courteous enough to “stay awhile and listen”.

If you’re so smart, then, you don’t need me.
Therefore, I don’t see why I’d have to make myself upset with you showing off your non-existent skills.
I have to start learning to get amused over that as well.

I feel better now.


❤ Icesabel


12 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb

  1. Ha ha to cool. The harder they try to push the more you will go against it. That always got me in trouble, still does, but just never cared. Working with least amount of pressure gets things done the fastest. If they need you it means they are incompetent themselves. laugh about it.

      • Maybe because it is directly to the bossman himself and sometimes I pretty much say do it yourself if its so important. Than the boss gets involved on very short notice and i still have to fix the mess they made. cause they couldn’t do it. hate it. A little patience is all we ask for.

      • Ooh haha.. I see. Boss huh.

        Maybe I’m lucky to have directors who are patient or maybe it’s because they know how I treat people who treat me the way I don’t like to.

        The people who give me problems are mostly newbies though. The others know how my attitude is. XD

        I can’t expect too much patience from people ’cause I get impatient often as well. Haha.. But at least I know when not to piss people off.


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