Haven’t I been kinda random lately?

People have been bustling about around me.

Some were whining and unhappy about “I have no idea what exactly”, but, things were going out my other ear while I was hearing them out. O.o
“Hear”… not “listen”.

There were those who were thrilled about “I don’t know what” either, but, I’m happy for them. ^_^

Then, there were those who used to piss me off and are still trying to make me like them… seemed as though they were trying way too hard. +..+
Particularly today… hummm… I don’t really care what they want to do or are trying to achieve. =.=”

I’ve been bogged down with something and it’s making me mentally tired.
Not that I want to talk about it right now or even here at all.

Anyway, I’ve never really notice, until this morning, that the person I was helping asked me in a surprised tone on why I had laughed the moment I looked at the problem.
I realised that I would actually laugh or snigger when a problem occurs (well, definitely not during that time of the month).
Not particularly because it’s funny at all.
But, because instead of saying “Oh sh*t.. I don’t think I can rectify this”, it comes out as a laugh instead.
Ok ok… mainly because I’m a little too lazy to switch on my brain to do it and am forced to do so.
Sometimes, people look at me with a “wth is wrong” or “u mad, sis?” face.
But, I didn’t really think about my actions until now.
Well, no one asked me why before this.

You know… the iOS 7 redesign is fugly!
Not that it matters because I’m trading my iphone 4s for an iphone 5s this Sunday.
Umm… I’m not a huge Apple fan.
Just that, when I wanted to buy the “new” Samsung mid this year, I couldn’t trade in my iphone for it because my contract had not “expired” and I would have had to pay 500.. or was it 600 bucks for it?
Now, why would I do that?
So, I waited on and since this one is out and my contract is up, why not?

Great… people might start asking me about fixing iphones if they start updating to this new (buggy) OS.
Because, someone’s kid updated their iphone and a small problem occured and started to panic. >_>
I don’t need to fix it if I chose not to ’cause it has nothing to do with work, but, since I was a teeny tiny curious, I just had a little peek into it.


❤ Icesabel


7 thoughts on “Random

  1. Take up any problem with a smile and it makes it more fun to solve. it is brain food after all.
    Oh and though you do not feel like talking now, doesn’t mean you can write it down for yourself.
    And not a word time of month. Just ask massage.

  2. I LOVE the IT crowd!!! I watch it on Netflix and it’s hilarious. =) Great job incorporating it in your post! =) Enjoy your new phone!


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