Don’t call me by my father name -.-“

We don’t inherit a family name/last name/surname.
Sure, it’s a respectful gesture to call a person by Mr/Miss/Mdm/whatever last name.
But, we don’t have a last name.

Our names are made up of:

  1. Main/first name
  2. Bin or ibn (meaning, son of in arabic) OR binte or binti (meaning, daughter of in arabic)
  3. Father’s name

I would really appreciate for people not calling me Miss “my dad’s name”.
It sounds as though either my dad is a girl or I have a guy’s name.
(。 >艸<)
But, most of all, I feel totally awkward when someone calls me by my dad’s name.

It feels like you’re calling my dad and not me. +_+
Come on… what if I called you by your dad’s name?
Especially when you’re a girl, how’d you feel?

When I take the time to explain in basic terms, people get all confused.
Then, they’d say “oh… then… mr “my dad’s name” bla bla bla… then, I’d have to explain even further.
My dad never bla bla bla… it was me and please, just call me by my first name.

I get it.
Mannerism or being polite or want to be seen as professional in some way.

I don’t mind non-locals to not know about this fact.
But, for someone who’s living around here, with neighbouring countries who does adopt the same name concept for a big percentage of the population, is probably living under a rock to be doing so.

Sometimes, I’ll suddenly be laughing when people do so (unless, I’m in a moody disposition).
Especially when someone omits the “Miss” portion!!!!

Don’t worry… you’re not disrespecting in any way.
It just.. feels weird… that’s all.

p.s. Unless you know me irl.. you’d probably not know my dad’s name.
Then again, even some of my ex-schoolmates don’t even know my dad’s name. XD


❤ Icesabel


6 thoughts on “Don’t call me by my father name -.-“

  1. Well we don’t even know your first name! Unless it really is Icesabel. :p
    But that is not the reason I’m writing.

    At least in western civilization (actually we all are West of something… :p) the proper manner of addressing people is different for men and women. In every situation, for men is used the last name and for women the first. Depending on the situation a title can be added before the name; like “miss”.

    Just out of curiosity, my son as two of my last names but his last name is actually my wife middle surnames. Yes, my wife has 4 last names: two from his mother and two from his father. This makes my son having 2 names+ 4 last names!

    • Oh nonono… Hahaha~
      It was meant to be a random rant of how I feel about what’s been happening.
      If someone doesn’t know my real name, that’s fine.. it doesn’t affect them XD

      Wow… that’s a loooooong name. Does it only affect your family as a tradition of some sort or is it a culture thing?

  2. That’s a good point when to respect the culture or the person, feels like respecting the persons the right place to start. Most of my Chinese and Lorena friends in the states don’t even use there given names bc most Americans can’t sen to get it it right lol.
    Have a great day

    • I’d understand about the last point. Well, my Chinese friends would have an English name for themselves for us to use and yeah.. I’m pretty bad at pronouncing people’s non-english names. >_<

  3. i have the same the same problem. I have 2 names first is my given name and 2nd dads name and sometimes ppl call me by my 2nd name. I don’t really mind though since im a guy, i guess.


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