I am soooooo blur!
Feel like digging a hole and hide in it!

I reached the airport and all seemed as planned.
Except that… everything didn’t go as planned!
The lady at the counter confirmed on my window seat and happily pasted the stickers on my luggage.
But as I walked off, I checked the itinerary again and was shocked to see my return date as 16th!!!!!
Went back to the counter and lo and behold, the plane was full for that time slot.
They said that they could slot me in should someone dropout at the last minute and asked me to come back half an hour before the intended takeoff time.
Added in that the flight would be delayed because of the bad weather aka heavy rain.

I panicked and messaged my other half.
After a calming down and thought it through, I booked a hotel through Agoda and had it confirmed.
Then, I realised that I had selected 16th instead of 15th!
I called the hotel and the front desk said that I had to change the date through Agoda.
Before putting down, I asked whether they still had an empty room for the day.
The room that I wanted was filled up, but, there was one which was a slight upgrade.
So, I called Agoda.
The guy was horribly sarcastic to me, probably having a bad day of some sort, but, it’s not as if I even explained the situation yet.
He said he had to call the hotel and after 20 minutes of trying, every 5 minutes, he came back to me and said no one picked up the phone.
I made him call the hotel again.
I explained to him that I did call the hotel seconds before I called him and whatnot.
Asked if I could get some sort of confirmation from Agoda, so that I could call the hotel and get it changed myself.
He gave me a long winded lecture, before I asked what would happen if I cancel it instead.
Apparently, I’ve already paid for it, so, there goes my $$.

I booked for another hotel instead.
Took a taxi straight and was made to wait for 15 minutes before I could get my room because Agoda’s confirmation was not yet reflected on the hotel’s system.

I was too tired to care, so I watched some videos on my ipad while waiting.
My phone battery died and I was flabbergasted.
I hated the room, although the hotel was near a lot of good places.
The power point was only of their country’s design.
The other 2 hotels I was at earlier this week had the ones that I needed.
I needed one to charge my phone!
I left my laptop on instead and left my phone in my room while I went out.
My tummy was rumbling as I neither had breakfast nor lunch and it was nearly dinner time (an early one at it).

The rest of the day was good nonetheless.
Lots of shopping.
I wished I didn’t wish for that wish earlier.
The portion where I said that I wanted to shop some more.
I bought a power plug converter and lots of stuff for everyone but me.
Whilst packing my stuff just now, so that I need not do so in the morning, I noticed that 70% of the stuff I bought were for others.
Before going for this trip, I had a clearing session of my wardrobe.
I had given away a lot of stuff that I’ve not worn for months.
Realised the designs that I wouldn’t wear and was probably bought on impulse of some sort.
Thus, this time around, I could actually differentiate between designs that are both good in quality and one I know will be worn many times and would be worth my money.
Hah! As as result, in the end, I only bought a handful of things for myself!

Did I mention that I was going crazy while shopping last night?
I hated the crowd.

Maybe I’ll take a day off at the end of this next.
It wasn’t entirely my fault that the return date was stated as 16th.
I’ve checked my emails that I had requested for the 15th, but, I was careless in not re-checking that it was stated as 15th.
Trusted the flight organiser and the admin officer on that.
So, it was still partly my fault for not checking before going.
Oh well.
At least, I got more shopping done.

Also, since I only had a few hours to shop, my hunting mode was switched on.
Meaning, I would scan really quickly as I walk briskly past the shops.
I pretty much know what compliments everyone’s likes.
So, all I needed to do was bargain like a crazy girl.
I wanted to continue shopping way into the night, but by 10+, the rain was really heavy and I decided to go back instead.

This time, I really want to go back.
No looking back.
I’ve only taken an extra day of leave for tomorrow, Monday.
I can’t ask for a last minute day off for Tuesday because the regional director has booked me for that day.
If I’m not super tired tomorrow.



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