Media is …

Most of the time, I neither watch the news nor hear it over the radio or read the newspapers.
I’d usually just read about random things over in the internet.
Not that it’s really legitimate, but, it’s probably filled with more truth than from the official media.

I’m not going to talk about Singapore’s media.
Seriously, who doesn’t know about its propaganda and it being leashed down by the govt.
Ok.. maybe the “outsiders”, but, not today.

I know.. some day I’ll just get myself into hot soup for speaking my mind too much.
But, let me just rant randomly right now.
Not exactly saying anything negative.


I get to work with wonderful, intelligent and talented IT people from around Asia.
The difference is that I get to work with people from countries like Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, ahhh… I usually call the whole group “the stans” since there’s a whole group of them.. you’ll know why if you notice the last part of the country names, DPRK and many more.
Going for trainings allowed me to meet other organisations from all these Asian countries… which, I think is pretty awesome.

The fact about for example, Myanmar’s religious unrest and Afghanistan’s continuous isues are not quite untrue as told by the media.

Apparently, because of the upcoming election, these false accusations and fights were created to call upon global eyes to be glued on them.
Their people didn’t really bother much or even care about making an uproar.
Same goes for Afghanistan.
Sure, there were some real issues, but, they weren’t big, yet, was showed as out of proportion to outsiders.
You don’t get to see normal lives of theirs.
But, they do the same things that we do.
Watch movies, hanging out and whatnot.
It has been placed as a stigma onto us to see what “they” wanted us to see.
Therefore, what even I perceived their lives to be was a dogmatic image of a life nothing to ours (the rest of the world).

So, I was asking them.. can I visit those countries?
Well, at least, send me an invitation.
I know.. I’m insane in the membrane.
Anyway, I’d still get through if I do have a reason to go over to anywhere.
Just that my regional manager doesn’t seem to have a “free” job for me to do in any of those countries.
He’s doing the travelling while I do things remotely.
I just want to see and know reality without anything tainting the real picture.

If only they’d just send me out for an emergency response.
The humanitarian team is always so busy that they keep forgetting to place a request for me to go.
I want to get out there and get into the action as well.
I was one of the few to get selected for the special training, yet, I’m still not deployed.


Normal people would want to travel the world to those pretty tourist sight-seeing places.
Weird that I never did wanted or wish to do so.
But, this… this makes me all excited.

I know.. I’m always doing or saying or liking weird things.
But, that’s what makes me… me.
Well, I always hear people saying to go for my dreams.
That’s one of my dreams.
Except that my other half isn’t too happy about me making these kind of choices.


Another 2 whole days of strenuous brain activities.
I’d need a real rest by the end of the week.
All I know is there’s a huge lot of work to be done after I’m back in my homeland.

A little pissed too.
I was just being informed that the HQ has “ownership” over me now.
Yet, the finance director said that they had me moved over to be under their team.
I’m being pushed around here and there like a ping pong ball.
I’ve no real boss since my ex-boss left the organisation.

Scared… still scared.
Of all things.. I’m scared of being asked to do another programming or designing job.
Those things will make me depressed.
I can’t even remember a thing on the projects I’ve done the past 2 years!
I’m always doing things on the spot, as if answers come into my head and then… POOF!
Everything disappears from my memory and it’s as though I know nuts about those subjects.
Must be my ADHD kicking in continuously.

I think I’ve said it before.
Sometimes, I don’t know how I know things, but, I do.
They’re definitely not based on things that I’d randomly read/research on due to my constant need to feed my hungry brain.
Which I always think is a mental disease on its own right.
But, of course I don’t know everything and I will admit if I know nano about something because it’ll save me time and energy from acting all egoistic and eventually, dumb-looking.
That’s why I’m in IT.
Amongst all subjects that I enjoy to do or love/like,
This is one field that I can get the most answers out of nowhere from.
Ok.. well, I’m not joking about the last part.

Passion… sure.
But, there is something more to it than even what I can comprehend.
No.. this is one thing that I really can’t be bothered to find out why.


Ahhh.. time to get some shut eye.
Really late now.


❤ Icesabel


2 thoughts on “Media is …

  1. LOL did you drink a pot of coffee or had a red bull to much. To funny. But weird to want to visit. nah. You just one of those people whos brain loves overloading and seeking the truth yourself. night

    • Nope. I can’t take caffeine from late afternoon onwards, else, I can’t sleep at night and I wouldn’t do that even if I wanted to stay up all night. There’d be a bad aftereffect on me in the morning. I hate redbull. Just 2 cups of tea (not even coffee) a day can easily give me a bad headache if it’s too thick. So.. nah.

      I’m just different and if people find that weird, that’s fine. It doesn’t really matter. But, until then.. probably one of the things on my bucket list. +_+


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