Food… glorious food

What is WRONG with me?
I’m being so gluttonous here.

It’s my second day of my trip.
Pretty much a lot of things that I can’t try out though.
There’s always pork in it.
No offense… I don’t mind what others eat as long as they don’t bother me about what I can or cannot eat.
But, I’ve been ordering food that’s extra spicy.
Lots of chilli padi.. in English, it is termed as the Bird’s Eye Chilli.

Funny thing is that I can barely stand hot food.
I love them and I’d still eat them, but, my nose will start running and my eyes will start to tear up.
When I was younger and still staying with my mom’s parents who are both Indonesians, my grandma would cook up a storm everyday.
Her dishes, without fail, would be filled with super hot dishes.
So hot that most of my relatives wouldn’t be able to eat them.
Well, I was living with them since I was a baby, so, I could withstand such food.

Unfortunately, when I moved out at the age of 15 to live with my parents…
My mom’s dishes barely contain chilli.
In fact, she was pretty health conscious that the salt and other condiments intake was pretty low.
So, my body got less and less immune to hot food.

Thus, I still do love hot food, but, an “overdose” of it will cause me to face a few minor issues.

Anyway, I’ve been eating a lot yesterday.
I know well enough that I don’t eat that much.

Alright.. I’ve got to run right now.
Meeting starts soon.


❤ Icesabel


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