I really wish I need not go overseas this week.
My room is a mess right now.
I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately.
I can’t get myself to sleep right now and my flight is in less than 7 hours.
My head is still in a trance.
Already missing my other half.
My skin is having a time of its life with a surge of outbreak everywhere.
Getting a little annoyingly emotional for my own liking.
I’m concluding that my period is coming soon.
Oh yes… the perks of being a girl.
Shuckss… I hate this.


I have a weird tendency to have a “craving” to have a haircut when I’m extremely stressed.
I’ll just crop off my hair by myself when I want to.
It’s like letting a huge burden off.
I’ve been doing it since my school days.
Snip.. snip.. there goes my long hair.
Then, I’ll grow it out again.
At times, I’ll regret the fact that I would get so anxious to the point where I’d cut too much of the length off.
I’d only go to the hairdresser when I don’t have the mood to have my hair dyed by my own.
Then, I’d still… sometimes.. get a trim or hair cut at the same time.

Hmmm.. I might get it trimmed soon.
Not going to chop off too much because I’d want to preserve the length for my big day.

I do envy girls who can carry off a pixie cut.
Thing is, if my hair is too short, my boxy face will just make me feel depressed because of my broad forehead and jaw.


I do wonder… what weird things others do to beat the stress.
Not inclusive of normal things like exercise, doing other activities to occupy the mind, relaxing, binging on food, talking to others, etc.
I mean weird… weird.

Then again.. maybe it’s just me.
Ha ha ha~



❤ Icesabel


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