Oh gosh…I’ve been really busy today!!!!
So much work cramped into one day.
Everyone’s trying to catch me before I run off on Tuesday.
I’m already fully booked on Monday as well.
Can’t believe I did so many things in just a few hours.


I’ve managed to watch the Outlast walk-through while on the way to work this morning.
It’s pretty scary and intense.
Quite different from the demo that you’ve probably watched or tried before its official release.

I’ll have a look at the Outlast giveaway comments later today.
Yeap.. today’s the date due and I’ll be choosing one winner soon.
Good luck to all the participants!!

I’ll update the old post in a couple of hours!!
Just click here to go there directly.


❤ Icesabel


4 thoughts on “Update

  1. I’m looking forward to playing this game. I’m hoping that GoG will carry it sometime soon.

    Before I played and completed Amnesia: the Dark Descent last week the only other survival horror game I completed was Fatal Frame back in, I think, 2003. What made Fatal Frame so compelling to me was not just the fantastic story and atmosphere, but the FPP when the Camera Obscura was used for combat and revealing things about the surroundings. A First-Person Perspective adds so much to Survival Horror games and I’m glad to see more games utilising it.

    Now if only Resident Evil would just stop…I think I may need a fairy godmother or something to pull that one off. XD

    • That was a pretty long hiatus. Well, if you did love Amnesia’s, you’re going to enjoy Outlast. The graphics are much “prettier”, for a morbid atmosphere. More of these games are coming up recently and it’s pretty fun to say the least. Oh.. and I don’t think a fairy godmother’s going to just shut down the franchise!!! ‘Cause she’s too busy fending off her “life” in the world of zombies/mutants herself. XD

      • The main reason for the long stretch was that RPGs simply dominated my playing sphere and I didn’t see anything that was compelling enough to interest me. Even in 2006 when I played Silent Hill 2, a really kickass game, I didn’t get terribly far because Horror games didn’t appeal to me as much as they do now.

        In any event, I wrote three entries about Amnesia: the Dark Descent on my gaming blog. They encapsulated what stood out to me the most in the game. I firmly believe that the Dark Descent was a perfect game and, at night, I’ve been playing Penumbra: Overture. I don’t know about you but I like to let the atmosphere pervade, so later tonight at work all the lights will be out when I’m playing.

        Shit, almost forgot: I’ve got to pre-order A Machine For Pigs on GoG later. \^^/

      • I see. I think most people does the same thing as you. I usually leave one small light on in my room, if you’re wondering. Haha.. you’re really into this. Well, have fun!! 😀


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