Time to shop

What I love about my job is shopping for EQ (short for equipment)!!!!
Ummm.. no.. not the boring orders made via suppliers of huge things.
The smaller stuff like accessories and random parts.
Then, I’d have the excuse to just go out during office hours and shop.

When I was in one of the past companies, I’d go to Challenger a lot.
Just because I can charge it to my membership, whilst buying for the company.
Free points!!!!
Yes.. they know I do so.

Will probably go to Comex later ’cause I’ll need to buy some accessories.
It’s been ages since I went to an IT Sales event.
I hate crowds!!!!
But, I do love IT shopping when I have a reason to do so.
It’s an aweeeeeeesome feeling.
I’ll get all hyper and excited.

I’d be “teleporting” around Sim Lim Sq once in a while.
A lot of people have a love-hate relationship with that place and I’d understand.
Getting computer spare parts and whatnot for work… been doing so for years.
ANDDDDDD for myself.. discounted games and gaming eq from my fave shop.
The uncle always gives my friends and I discounts. XD



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