Free Steam Game & Outlast Participants

We’re at the halfway mark of the Outlast giveaway.

I’ll be giving all a free game from the greenlight sale, to thank you for joining my first giveaway!
So, do check your email before 2nd Sept!!!
You can choose any game which costs at a max of US$5.10 (I wanted to put 5 on the dot, but, there were a few games at this price) of your choice.
I’ll still choose one who’ll win the Outlast game later.


❤ Icesabel


2 thoughts on “Free Steam Game & Outlast Participants

  1. Hi I appreciate what you’re doing your giveaway is a huge sacrifice but it shows how jenerous your are. I would like if you send to me outlast if you can’t then I would be okay with half life 2 but again I hope you send to me outlast really hope you do and thanks in advance.

    • Hi! Sorry, but, as you can see, this was held in 2013 last year and someone has already taken the free gift. Thank you for trying and dropping by though. ❤


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