Okay.. I guess I’ll be playing this.
‘Coz a couple of my friends are jumping in.

Some of them took work leave just to play for the next few days.
If there was a legit reason for me to do so, I would, as well.
But, nah.. not this game.

But, I did buy the  collector’s edition.

Anyway, enjoy the game if you’re playing it!


❤ Icesabel


10 thoughts on “FF XIV

  1. My coworker is OBSESSED with this game right now. I mean OBSESSED, he didn’t want to go with his wife to see what the gender of the baby is they are having the other day to play this game, lol. (He went 🙂 )

    • Since you said that he eventually went, then I guess he did wake up to reality for awhile. But, that sounds sad. I would’ve been pretty depressed if my partner wasn’t around for the family (even how gaming obsessed I can be as well). Hmmm.. sparks an idea on writing on something though.

  2. Attend my sis wedding for the past week. Been playing fps for the past 2 months and ff is a nice change. This would be my first ff.


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